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I prefer working on short-term projects where my contributions are limited to the tasks at hand.


I am a senior developer looking for contract, freelance, or defined-term work.  I have lengthy experience writing code and shepherding projects from conception to acceptance and maintenance.  In my ideal scenario, I will work closely with the project manager, other team leaders (requirements, QA/QC, DBA, etc) and programmers to provide direction and guidance as well as solving the technical challenges the task will present. 

Work experience


Strategic Telemetry

I performed various infrastructure duties as a subcontractor to the Obama 2008 presidential campaign.  I also wrote a C# windows program to perform backups of very large data files across several network locations.I have also written an OpenCL program in C++ to research the performance aspects of using a video card to do GPU computations.

Feb 2009Aug 2009


Segue Technologies

At Segue, I was the lead developer for a team that processed applications and recommendations for a scholarship evaluation system.  We supported a mixture of scanned-paper and online documents, document deduplication and conflict-resolution. 

We used ajax, SQL Server, ASP.Net, and DotNetNuke on the project.

Jul 2006May 2008


Perot Systems Government Services

I was the primary developer responsible for coordinating the transfer of two web applications from a non-secure facility to a secure DoD facility, including many time-sensitive data transfers to and from several DoD locations nationwide across multiple DoD networks, and performing audits on the legacy codebase to ensure compliance with DISA security specifications.

I was part of a team to port an Army accounting website that served one MACOM to 12 other commands.  Technologies included ASP, VB, and SQL Server.

Nov 2001Jan 2005

Senior Developer

SRA International

At SRA, I was the technical leader for a small team of VB programmers and support staff that fielded a VB6 application that, despite an 8-month planned lifetime, is still in service as of February 2008 at the US Army G-3 offices.

I had anywhere from 1 to 3 developers working under my direction, and we were able to field a 50,000-line VB6 client-server (Oracle back-end) application. The project had been underway since 1998, and I was the senior developer responsible for the final development, testing, and fielding efforts, joining the team in November 2001 with acceptance in July 2003.

I was instrumental in project direction and planning, and was responsible for configuration management, build and deployment procedures, and major reworking of several fundamental features of the application, and product support through Fall 2004.

Throughout 2005, I worked on numerous small .Net projects, including writing an ASP.Net program to assist the US Senate organize its Continuity of Operations planning tasks, using ASP.Net, SQL Server, and MS SQL Server Reporting Services.  Also, I wrote a C# program to support the White House Military Office track various classified projects.

Sep 1998Nov 2001

Independent Consultant

UDM Technology Corp

As an independent consultant, I conceived, designed, built, deployed, and maintained UDM's Non-Profit Management application, which is a fundraising and donor-management system for non-profit organizations.  Written in VB6 with a SQL Server back-end, this client-server package features multi-user security, detailed historical tracking, fundraising campaign tracking with statistical analysis, dynamic reporting, and many other features.

I developed and maintained, a site for baseball fans who want to visit a variety of major-league ballparks. The application used a collection of CGI-enabled VB applications that perform complex analysis of baseball schedules, driving distances, and other variables to produce an interactive website.

As a consultant to the Campaign for UN Reform, I developed numerous small ASP components to dynamically generate HTML pages listing issue ratings of all members of the 105th and 106th Congress in particular votes. Similarly, I generated state-by-state guides to candidates for the 107th Congress and their positions on issues of interest to the CUNR. To accomplish this, I developed a VB applet to push dynamic output to static HTML pages using the InetTransfer control.

As a consultant to Computer Sciences Corporation in 1999, I was a member of a team that performed Year-2000 updates to 900,000+ lines of Visual Basic and Oracle PL/SQL Code. The team used a CMM Level III process to analyze and locate risky code, repair and document fixes.

As a consultant to the Software QA team at America OnLine, I developed and followed quality procedures to test and deploy an internal contract-management system. I also independently developed several small custom VB and Intranet applications.

Jul 2000May 2001


Advisory Board Corporation

I wrote code to customize a Siebel installation; notably including VB/COM systems to perform global updates Siebel data, and an extensible VB/COM framework to calculate and report data. This framework dynamically built and referenced SQL Server tables for reporting purposes.

I developed two VB apps to port data from new enterprise-wide customer relations software to legacy apps. Given just the source and target data layouts, I designed, developed, tested, and implemented robust, reusable code to perform the data transfers smoothly and reliably.

Jan 1998Aug 1998

Senior Developer

Calibre Systems

I configured, installed, and managed SQL Server databases for data analysis. I was the primary technical resource on the early phases of a project to install and configure Strohl Continuity of Government software for DoD.

As a senior developer, I was involved in the complete development cycle for custom software for US DoD clients. Also, I helped supervise and train junior programmers to assist on such projects, using Visual Basic, Access, web tools (Cold Fusion, InterDev), SQL Server, and Oracle.

I participated in Calibre’s Software Engineering Process Group, assisting in development of a software development process to achieve SEI CMM level II compliance. I initiated and chaired Calibre’s Visual Basic Special Interest Group to coordinate company-wide developer assets and abilities.

Oct 1996Jan 1998


Noblestar Systems, Inc

I independently developed a complex standalone database application using Visual Basic and JET data to provide data collection and analysis for an Ernst & Young consultation program. I developed a web-based database application, using Cold Fusion templates and JavaScript client-side automation to connect to a SQL database and output HTML documents. I also developed software for USRobotics/3Com PalmPilot using SoftMagic’s Satellite Forms and Visual Basic for desktop data transfer, and C for other tasks.


Richard Shullaw

Dan Chandler

Dan was my manager at PSGS for part of my tenure there.

Ken Strasma

Chris Fagan

Ed Peloquin



SQL Server
Visual Basic


Feb 2010Present

CompTIA Security+