Kerem Torun

  • Istanbul, Turkey, TR
Kerem Torun

Senior Brand Manager | Consultant


I'm an knowledge enthusiast who is fond of technology, communication and science. I'm a self motivated person who has an Entrepreneur-ed personality and gained experiences by carrying different roles and working with top level companies.

Enhancing my mind and enlarging my horizon by learning, communicating, networking are the things which I do in every atmosphere.

I mostly spent my career as a Trainer, Teacher, Researcher and Consultant and since more than 3 years I focus on project & account management, business development and  consultancy.

Currently I work as a Senior Brand Manager and Business Development Manager where I represent a start-up in a start-up, Blippar Education, in Turkey.

Besides the experiences I listed above I have also managed Web Design & Development projects, consulted entry level start ups about market integration and client relationships as a freelancer.

Work Experience

Work History
Sep 2015 - Present

Senior Brand Manager


Blippar is the market-leading image-recognition and augmented reality platform with the power to bring the physical world to life via the camera of a smart device. Once the Blippar app is downloaded and opened on a mobile device, users are able to hold their phones over physical blippable content - from products to posters - to trigger an engaging digital experience known as “blipping.”

Since launching in 2011, Blippar™ has expanded rapidly internationally - with offices in London, NYC, San Francisco, Chicago, LA, Istanbul, Delhi and Amsterdam - through partnerships with some of the largest international media owners and brands - including Condé Nast, TIME Inc., Procter&Gamble, Kraft, Nestlé, Heinz, Coca-Cola, Anheuser Busch, L'Oréal, Universal Pictures and Jaguar. In June 2014, Blippar™ acquired Layar™, a pioneering AR company founded in the late 2000s. The combined user base, data and technology makes Blippar™ the world’s most influential AR company.

I manage and represent "Blippar Education" in Turkey and develop new businesses with companies and help them to engage with digital world through Blippar's App & Platform. Creating new channels to spread AR Technology among educational institutions and companies, creating new ideas to place Blippar services  as new tools for education and developing new business with Turkey's and World's best companies are my main responsibilities.

Oct 2012 - Sep 2015

Project Manager (E-Learning)


Enocta is Turkey's pioneer and leading e-learning solutions provider which serves more than 400 enterprises in Turkey and reaches more than 1.5 million end users annually through its in house developed Learning Management System. Enocta also provides 2000+ Learning Contents in its catalog which are designed and developed by its teams.

I'm managed from scratch to end e-learning projects (technical, instructional or consisted of consultancy for e-learning strategies) for Turkey's and World's leading companies such as Vodafone, Allianz, ING Bank, TEB (BNP Paribas), Garanti (BBVA), Novartis.

My main responsibilities include but not limited to;

Project Management for e-learning projects (LMS related technical projects, instructional design projects, L&D development consultancy)

Costumer Relations (Being a single point of contact for projects)

Consultancy (Supporting customers' investment on e-learning solutions)

Pre-Sales support (Supporting account managers to position our products depending on Customers' needs)

Budget and process management to ensure timing and scope of the project.

Client satisfaction management.

I was also responsible of EU funded projects' management and its related responsibilities in the company along with other governmental projects.

Sep 2011 - Oct 2012


Yeditepe University

As an Assistant and a Researcher at the Department of Computer Education and Instructional Technology I was responsible of managing students' curricula design, enhancing the use of technology in classes, developing partnerships with other institutions, supporting the development of department's structure and administration since I got a chance to be involved at a early stage of the department's opening.

My researches were focused on instructional design usage and it's penetration in the department and at the Faculty of Education.

Jun 2012 - Sep 2012

Research Assistant / Project Leader

Flensburg University of Applied Sciences

My role as a Project Leader was managing the 'Building a Microsoft IPv6 Laboratory Project' for Business Informatics Department at Flensburg University of Applied Sciences.

During the project implementation in the university I've also involved with other fields regarding to E-Learning, Quality Management and LMS integration as a Consultant.

The lab I've built is being used at the faculty to demonstrate students how to enhance customer satisfaction and business performance among companies by upgrading their networks system. They also experience the efficiency of IPv6 structure and its bonuses in industries' networks.

Sep 2010 - Sep 2011

Senior Sales Consultant

Electro World
I worked as a Senior Sales Consultant at Mobile Devices Department of the store which was the largest consumer electronic store in Turkey. I was assisting Department Manager and consulting other Sales Consultant about communication with clients, product knowledge and sales techniques besides my main duty selling high-tech devices.
Jun 2010 - Aug 2010

Counselor / Trainer

Camp Hale Alumni

I was counseling underprivileged kids from Boston's suburbs about how to integrate with their friends and outside community during the Summer Camp in Maine.

Also I was responsible to master my co-worker about communication with kids and how to guide them through their relations between each other.

Besides working as a Consultant I also trained kids about sportive fields such as Soccer, Basketball, Natural Science and Art.

Oct 2009 - Jun 2010

Senior Sales Consultant

Electro World

I worked as a Senior Sales Consultant at Computer Department of the store which was the largest consumer electronic store in Turkey.

I was assisting Department Manager and consulting other Sales Consultant about communication with clients, product knowledge and sales techniques besides my main duty selling computers and laptops.

Sep 2009 - Jun 2010

Teacher (Turkish as a Foreign Language)

Istanbul Technical University

Since ITU nor didn't have a contracted teacher neither an internal institution to teach Turkish as a Foreign Language to the exchange students at their university I worked for 2 semesters / 1 Year at Architecture Faculty as a Guest Teacher and taught Turkish as a Foreign Language to the foreign students at the university.

All courses and curricula developed by me and my co-worker during the year out.

We also trained other trainers at the university to follow our curricula and provide classes to up coming students.

Oct 2006 - Aug 2008

Teacher / Counselor

Westfalia Bildungszentrum

As a Teacher and I was teaching Math and German to primary school students (from age 6 to 11) and Turkish to adults during my working experience.

As a Counselor I was consulting families (mostly Turkish families but also other nations) and students about pedagogic and systematic processes of school management in Germany and guiding them to improve their relations with other kids/families and teachers.

Most of my students and families showed a significant improvement in their relations and classes during my consultancy programs.

Education Experience

Oct 2013 - Jun 2016

Information Technologies (M.Sc)

Bahçeşehir Üniversitesi

Project Management & Business Development in Information Technologies

All courses are passed (current grade is 85.53/100) and I'm currently preparing my thesis about Engagement of Augmented Reality with Education.

Oct 2009 - Jan 2016

Business Administration (B.B.A)

Anadolu Üniversitesi

It's a Distance Education program which I'm currently studying my last year (1 course left). Program has German as a foreign language.

Sep 2009 - Oct 2012

Computer Education and Instructional Technology (B.Ed)

Yeditepe University

All courses are completed in 2012 June. Teaching experience has been accomplished in 2012 October. Certificate of Graduation has been received in 2013 February.

Graduated with a Honor Degree and received 2 Honors from the Faculty.

I was the Chair of Photography Club and Educational Research Club of the University.

Grade : 88.70 / 100

Oct 2006 - Aug 2008

Informatik / Computer Science - (Vordiplom)

Technische Universität Dortmund
Psychology as a second major. During the Diplom education system in Germany, Vordiplom phase entitled.


Moodle Implementation

I and Head of Department of Educational Technology have implemented, modified and controlled Moodle LMS to our university's educational management system in order to manage all learning interactions for departments of Faculty of Education.

IPv6 Laboraty Installation

I have installed and built a Microsoft IPv6 Test Laboratory at the Flensburg University of Applied Sciences, Department of Business Informatics Department in order to let students experience capability of and limits of IPv6. 

Numerous Projects for E-Learning Solutions

During the past 3 Years at Enocta I have successfully managed hundreds of e-learning projects (from small to massive size, all kind of technical and instructional projects) for companies such as Allianz, Vodafone, ING Bank, BNP Paribas Bank, Bosch, Mercedes, Peugeot, Groupama,  Novartis. and Turkey's biggest holdings and companies such as Koç Holding, Sabancı Holding, Vakıfbank, LCWaikiki, AK Sigorta.

Additionally I've managed European Commission funded projects.

Examples of project types I manage : LMS installation/implementation/integration, consultancy, instructional design,  HR tools integration, Web Portal design and development, software projects.


E-Books Versus Printed Materials - University Students' Preferences

This research aimed to show and see the popularity of e-books and its threat against printed materials. With the raise of technological devices and digital contents traditional education system is in an evolution. To be able to prepare right integration method we wanted to analyze students reading habits and their tendency to digital learning contents. I presented our research at International Conference on Communication, Media, Technology and Design 2012 and it helped many attendees to adopt digital technologies at their universities.


  • E-Learning
  • Project Management
  • Business Development
  • Customer Relations
  • Account Management
  • Sales Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Consultation
  • Learning Management Systems
  • Learning & Development
  • Process Management
  • Research
  • Training
  • Blended Learning
  • Adult Education
  • Educational Technology
  • Instructional Technology
  • Instructional Design
  • Curriculum Design
  • .NET / C# - ASP.NET


Turkish - Native Proficiency  

English - Full Professional Proficiency  

German - Professional Working Proficiency  

Spanish - Elementary Proficiency  


Sep 2008 - Aug 2009

Programming and Database Specialist

Sep 2008 - Aug 2009

Business Level of English Language / Master Level

Wall Street Institute
Aug 2006 - Sep 2006

Advanced Level of German Language / Oberstufe

St. Augustin Faculty of Theology  



Counselor / Teacher

TEGV is a non profit educational organization - - which helps and supports kids to have an proper education. It also aims to create an equal opportunity for every kids during their educational life.

I worked as a Computer Teacher for the kids who have never been able to use Computer and learn Computer related classes. Also I trained the trainers to tech how to use ICT in schools. Organized workshops, seminars to help teachers how to use information technologies in their classes.

I'm still a member of the Organization and providing guidance about my expertise. 


Advisor / Project Manager

The main purpose of the Turkish Informatics Foundation is to contribute build of infrastructure for Turkey's transformation into an information society, and to conduct economic and social studies by carrying out scientific researches and development activities, to generate project and make effort to have these projects implemented.

I voluntarily work for TBV as an Advisor and Project Manager and help them about their potential project. 



Zehra Öney / CEO of Turkey - Blippar

Zehra is the person who convinced me to stay in Turkey and work with her to develop a new business line under Blippar. I create new ideas and develop businesses to use Blippar's App and Platfrom in Corporate Training and Development  sector and I work with/report to Zehra about the evolvement of this development. She also helps me to pursue my career and my new job search.


Mike Kealey / Head of HR - Blippar

Mike has involved in every process of my journey to Blippar starting from my application to London office to a job offering from him for Istanbul office. He is also informed about my current job search and provides every help I would need.


Hakan Derviş Koçak / Learning Technologies Manager - Vodafone Turkey

Hakan was my colleague at my previous company where he was working as an Account Manager. We worked as a team for the key accounts such as Vodafone where he's working as a Learning Technologies Manager now. Currently we are working on new projects to implement Blippar's AR solutions to Vodafone's work flow.


Interests & Hobbies 

Traveling (Earth Wanderer -  traveled to 14 Countries, 45 Cities, 3 Continents so far)

Photography ( Professional Photographer, Judge and Mentor for entry level photographers, Contest and Photography Trips Organizer)