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Social Media Management, what does that mean? It means when you need a new customized page or channel on a major media website such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. or rather someone to breath some life into you currently existing one, that's what I'm here for. Social media is one of the fastest growing marketing sources for successful marketing whether you operate a major corporation or own a small business.

My name is Kristy Webb, I'm a hard working full time college student and entrepreneur. Along with my schooling I work as a free-lance social media manager. I can work to put you together a Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube Channel for a flat rate or work for you on a regular basis as a subcontractor who actively manages and promotes your business's social media pages.

Work experience

Jul 2012Present

Social Media Manager



Aug 2011Present


Indiana University

Random Creative Moments


Art runs deep in my family history and I've developed a very unique and interesting artistic style that allows me to add an artistic element that is completely unique to each project.
I am a highly skilled classically trained musician and song writer, I can use these skills to help with you advertising and social media needs.