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Royal Roads University

Professional Communication is a discipline which engages in the study of information and how it is created, managed, distributed, and consumed. Almost no other area of modern life is changing more rapidly than the ways we communicate.In this program, Kristin studied:

  • major perspectives in communication theory, including the fundamentals of human communication and a critical examination of the effect of technology on communication
  • principles of successful business, technical, scientific, journalistic, and scholarly writing
  • the meaning and production of culture, the culture industry, and various interpretive practices and how mass media has influenced and been influenced by cultural industries
  • interpersonal communication theory and practice beginning with identity and self, and verbal and non-verbal messages
  • knowledge and practices for powerful listening, respect, self-disclosure, learning, and expressiveness in interpersonal relationships
  • the applications of good communication practice in advertising, marketing, and public relations
  • the concept of social marketing to "sell" pro-social messages to achieve economic and social development
  • the role of the state, the market, and civil society in the production and distribution of cultural products and the implications of their relationships for society and public policy.

Bachelor of Science

University of Alberta

Work experience



An Autoethnographic Journey

For her major research project, Kristin moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina, to learn to dance tango and write about her experience. As a trained dancer, she examines the different styles of dance that she trained in during as metaphors for the way she was performing her life at the time. She writes a deeply evocative autoethnographic narrative that exposes, through dance, the dominant cultural myths that influenced her social freedom and personal development.


Certified ecoENERGY Advisor

Edmonton Property Inspections

Provided residential energy assessments through a program developed by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan). Kristin worked one-on-one with property owners to help them make renovation and retrofit choices to improve the comfort and energy efficiency of their homes.


Communications Officer

Pembina Institute

Coordinated the writing, design, production and distribution of reports, publications, and media releases. She managed the creation of program-specific web content to communicate the research findings and policy recommendations on key energy and environment issues.


Energy Advisor

ATCO EnergySense

As a contractor to ATCO EnergySense, Kristin conducted residential energy efficiency evaluations through a program developed by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan). Working directly with property owners in their homes, she assessed the best options available to improve both comfort and energy efficiency.


David Dodge

Click here to contact David Dodge and to view his staff profile at the Pembina Institute.

Paul Sirois

Click here to contact Paul at Edmonton Property Inspections.

Michael Real

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Sustainability practices

Client relations

Community relations

Social media and marketing


  • In creating new websites for the Pembina Institute, she gave voice to the organization’s research, which positions the Institute as the recognized leader in Canada for energy and environment, environmental economics, and sustainable resource management. The communications team increased media mentions by more than 45% over the previous year.
  • Kristin contributed significantly to the creation of the program called eCards, a cutting-edge website designed to attract and engage young people in discourse on energy and environment issues in a Web 2.0 world.
  • As a Technical and Policy Analyst, she researched and authored the Green Operating Practices Policy for Municipal Buildings for the City of Dawson Creek.
  • As a Certified Energy Advisor, Kristin offered independent advice in residential energy efficiency to more than 650 homeowners across Northern and Central Alberta.


Kristin believes communication plays a vital role in society's ability to successfully and creatively build communities that will flourish despite being faced with social and economic challenges. Kristin has a strong foundation across the engineering, consulting, non-profit, and environmental sectors combined with recent experience as an academic researcher writing personal narrative.

Creative, enthusiastic and diplomatic, Kristin is an excellent mediator who contributes effectively at a strategic level. Kristin completes her MA in Professional Communications through Royal Roads University in June 2009.

Voluntary Experience

  • Edmonton Folk Music Festival, Media Services, 2008
  • Alberta Environmental Network (AEN), Executive Board Member, 2004–2006
  • Place Gaboury Condominium Corporation, Board President, 2004–2006
  • Senior Executive, Engineering Students’ Society, University of Alberta, 2001–2002