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  • Driven by my talents, I regularly study my mistakes and want to understand what I must do differently in the future to succeed.
  • I am determined to examine the smallest details of processes, problems, regulations, plans and contracts.
  • Intentionally, I strive to transform possibilities into reality which is fit for entrepreneurial ventures.
  • I have the desire to benefit humankind and the environment.
  • Being empathetic I am aware of each person’s moods, thoughts or responses to specific situations. 
  • The experience of winning means more to me than monetary reward. 
  • My belief is that people should hold the highest moral standards.
  • I am on a continual quest to develop strengths by enhancing my skills, polishing my style, revamping my appearance and expanding my knowledge. 


A versatile administrative professional with experience in general office operations including reception, office services and records management.  Highly motivated to work in a law firm position which covers a variety of functions and offers growth potential.






  1. World Championship, First place, Las Vegas, NV.
  2. Tournament, Second place, Glendale, CA. 

There are many benefits of Karate including mental and physical strength, self-defense, discipline and building high self-esteem. Building self-esteem helps students set goals, put their mind to it and do whatever it takes to achieve it and move on to the next level. Once the goal has been met, the student receives the next belt. Concisely put, this is the formula for success in life. When goals are set, the mind calls for behavioral changes and shifts the attention, initiates action and applies effort in an organized and disciplined manner. When students are rewarded with a next level belt, it frees their mind and opens the horizon for the completion of the next goal. This allows students to realize that they have managed to succeed despite difficult challenges and overwhelming circumstances.

To develop self-discipline students practice and repeat their training until the movements are second nature. The process of training allows students to make mistakes and learn from them. They must obey their sensei and learn how to take orders in a respectable environment. Studies show kids who studied martial arts were found to perform better in math, be more attentive, have better social skills and have an easier time focusing in class than those who didn’t. It is food for growing confidence and control to a better and healthier lifestyle. Karate is a motivating sport which taught me purpose and direction in life.

Work experience

Jan 2010Present

Administrative Assistant

The Law Offices of David A. Tilem

Assist Office Administrator with daily operations of boutique law office. Create, maintain and organize electronic and paper client files, assist tech company when troubleshooting, updating or starting new projects. Responsible for office supply inventory and ordering. Coordinate firm social events including luncheons and holiday party.



Vector Marketing Corporation

Screened calls, arranged interviews for prospective employees and consistently exceeded marketing goals.


Sales Associate

Metropark U.S.A.
  • Helped style customers
  • Operated sales register
  • Set-up window displays
  • Arranged floor sets
  • Consistently met sales goals