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Search Plan Profile

After graduation, the career path I plan on taking is not limited to one direction. Becoming a public relations specialist is one career that interests me.

Another position I am interested in is content developer. More specifically, I would like to do marketing content development. 

These careers focus on writing and communication, which I believe are my areas of expertise. The paths I have chosen are employed by many corporations, including the specific fields I am interested in entering.

Recent Positions

Aug 2007Present

Child Caretaker/Nanny

  • Communicating effectively
  • Solving problems quickly and efficiently with others in mind
  • Regulating tasks and activities
  • Preparing and organizing multiple detailed schedules
Jun 2014Present


Fredon Township Public School 
  • Organizing important documentation
  • Creating effective filing systems to increase efficiency
  • Completing tasks by required deadlines
Aug 2014Oct 2014

Front Desk Clerk

Holiday Inn
  • Managed registration process
  • Computed bills and handled payments
  • Operated specialized technological program effectively
  • Interacted with guests over the phone and face to face
  • Responded to guest’s queries regarding hotel services
  • Assessed guest requests and executed effective solutions
Jun 2010Aug 2012


Pass It Along
  • Volunteered for a variety of programs
  • Planned and executed fundraising events
  • Participated in developmental plans tailored to children in need
  • Counseled and prepared activities for children


Post graduation, I am interested in various fields of work.

  • Public relations is one area that interests me. Within this field, I would like to either work for a public relations firm, or work for the sector of a large firm or corporation that deals with publicity.
  • Insurance interests me because of the wide variety of work it employs that pertains to writing. The insurance industry is appealing because it provides the opportunity to truly help people.
  • I am interested in publishing because of the many areas it employs that pertain to writing--editorial, publicity, marketing, publicity, and production positions.
  • Consulting interest me because it involves a broad range of specific services. I would prefer to work for a consulting firm that specializes in government work. 

In relation to my search plan profile, I would like to work as a public relations specialist, marketing content developer, or content developer, and I believe each of these fields employs at least one, if not a combination, of the careers I plan to take. 

Generally, I would like to attain a career in Washington, D.C. or New York City areas. However, I am willing to change my location if the right opportunity presents itself. 


Aug 2012May 2016

Bachelor of Arts 

James Madison University 
  • Writing, Rhetoric and Technical Communication Major, Technical and Scientific Communication Concentration
  • Political Science Minor