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Kristin Jenkins

Clerical Assistant


Dedicated, detail-oriented administrative and clinical professional offering significant experience in self-directed positions requiring effective support, secretarial and clinical abilities. Proven interpersonal communications and multi-tasking skills. Adaptable team player recognized for willingness to learn and teach newly acquired skills.

Work experience

Work experience

MDS Coding Coordinator

2015 - 2015
Woods Park Care Centre

Returned from maternity leave to a newly created position in which the objective is to promote the physical and emotional well being of nursing facility residents. A Resident Assessment Instrument (RAI) is used to gather information from residents and their families during initial and periodic interviews. The MDS covers such areas as the patient's mood, behavior patterns, cognitive ability, and nutrition needs.

Information from these assessments helps nursing home caretakers formulate individualized care plans that include support from social services, dieticians, rehab specialists, and medical staff. MDS coordinators then implement and monitor these care plans to ensure their effectiveness. They must also make sure all strategies comply with Medicare requirements and ethical standards.

Registered Practical Nurse

2009 - 2013
Woods Park Care Centre

Similar routine to Victoria Village position. Duties included medication administration, careplan development and implementation, supervision of PSW's, collaborating and communicating with the interdisciplinary team. Providing support and education to residents and their families.

Registered Practical Nurse

2009 - 2009
Royal Victoria Hospital

On a daily basis duties included assessing patients; administering medications; easing pain; encouraging activity; preventing complications; monitoring labs; changing dressings; providing education to patients and famalies; comforting the dying and collaborating with physicians, therapists and other healthcare professionals. Closely worked with PSW's to provide general supervision and understanding of the patients' care plan.

Registered Practical Nurse

2009 - 2009
Victoria Village Long-Term Care

Duties included monitoring residents' vital signs and assessing symptoms, reporting to appropriate individual to prevent complications. Administering medications, charting on residents' daily happenings, developing care plans, implementing treatments and providing guidance to PSW's. 

Dental Assistant

1999 - 2005
Dr. Steve Mocrae, D.D.S.

Performed duties such as preparing patient for treatment, assisting the dentist in performing the dentist in restorative and orthodontic surgeries, prepared materials and equipment for treatment and utilized aseptic technique to prevent cross contamination. Performed lab work such as the pouring of alginate dental models and creating bleaching trays. Reception duties included making appointments, answering phones, ordering supplies, and dental billing.



Diploma in Registered Practical Nursing

Georgian College

The Georgian College Nursing Program philosophy and curriculum incorporate and utilize the concepts of caring as the basis of nursing practice. The students and faculty work together to explore nursing knowledge and caring theory. In the classroom, students in collaborative groups, work through learning activities and focus on the lived experiences of individuals, families, and groups. Knowledge from the program courses is integrated into the care of clients, families, and groups in a variety of settings.

Certificate in Pre-Health Science

2005 - 2006
Georgian College

The one year certificate program is designed to assist students in determining which health science program will best suit their needs. It provides students with the opportunity to examine the expectations of the various health science disciplines and to assess their suitability and compatibility in relation to these expectations.

Grade 9-12

1995 - 1999
Eastview Secondary School

Completed highschool diploma.


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I am a fitness oriented, nature loving individual. I enjoy spending time with my family and creating art in my spare time. I love mountain biking and hiking, camping and singing. I am married and have two beautiful children ages 2 and 4.