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Twin Sparks Consulting, Inc.

As a Success Coach, I partner with individuals who recognize that true success comes from integrating passion into their careers.  Through structured exploration, professionals gain a better understanding of the factors that motivate their best work and learn to identify opportunities that will tap into their natural talents -- in other words, to identify work that they love.  Lastly, these passion-pursuers develop a plan to achieve a career that doesn't feel like work.  They succeed with a step-by-step guide and ongoing support.


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“Hands down without a doubt Kristi Daeda is one the best coaches that I have ever worked with-she knew what questions to ask and really helped me pin-point the right direction I should steer my career into. So many things impressed me, but the one that stands out the most is her knowledge of technology and social networking, from how to manage a blog, web site, article marketing to which online networks would make the biggest impact in building a personal and professional brand. I cannot say enough she truly is a pro!"

--Lauren Brill

Why Passion to Plan?

The Off-Road Excursion for your Career

The old career path doesn’t work anymore. Long gone are the days where you could count on your employer to marshal you through the corporate landscape, where hard work would naturally lead to a long, successful career. Today, you have to blaze new trails.

Success today means getting paid for your passions. It means making a contribution that multiplies rather than divides, and making that contribution no matter which cube you’re cooped up in. Your success depends on knowing what you want, asking for it, and being ready when it comes looking for you.

Career Adventure is about working outside of your comfort zone, outrunning the competition by finding the best path to excellence, and redefining the traditional career trajectory. There is a world of opportunities out there. Which one is yours?

About Me

My name is Kristi Daeda.  My own career has been a rambling road, which may be why I’m so passionate about helping others find their path.  Anyone can have a job, but a career that’s your calling…  that’s something else entirely. What’s my inspiring work?  I work with you to help you find your inspiring work.  We talk about dreams, we focus on what makes you happy, we learn more about the impact you want to have on the world.  Then, we get to work making things happen. I also work with organizations to develop the competitive advantage that comes with a world-class team.  You know, the kind that you’d like to work for.

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