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Work experience

Jan 2010Present


Independent Practitioners (Free Lance Circle)
  • Conduct a Behavioral Assessment, administer tests not limited to developmental/behavioral scales
  • Generate an Individualized-ABA Intervention Program fit to specifically address the learner's needs
  • Monitor the learner's progress through direct observation and other objective measures
  • Prepare progress evaluation and reports
  • Maintains the integrity of an effective ABA intervention program
  • Provides training and workshops to therapists, case manager, including surrogates, parents/immediate caregivers
  • Facilitate Intervention Team Collaboration across the therapist involved and other non-behavioral practicing professionals
  • Advises the appraisal of the learner's intervention program, the level of performance difficulty, range of exposure, especially number of sessions required based on objective measures
Mar 2011Present


  • Provide ideas and strategies that makes activities that captures the child's interest
  • Provide training on how to deal with children with unique needs and learning potentials
  • Assist in making their workshop programs benefit the child's learning potentials and development
Aug 2006Present


  • Conduct Psychological Evaluation and Assessment
  • Provide a Differential Diagnosis/Diagnostic Impression
  • Prepare the Client for referrals to address other concerns such as Medical Attention, or other specialized services
  • Perform Out-Patient Psychotherapy and other forms of Psychotrauma Management and Intervention
  • Provide Psychological First Aid, Critical Stress Management, Stress Debriefing
  • Psycho-educate the client (patient) its family, and other immediate personal resource (e.g., friends)
  • Coordinate with Social-Workers, NGO, Legal Authorities, Teachers and School Administrators whenever necessary
  • Build's Client readiness, monitor its ability to progress, prepares them to independence with the ending the psychological intervention/support 
  • Function as Community Psycho-Social Support in the advent of calamities and natural disasters across the country
  • Serve as trainor of paraprofessionals especially in remote areas where the services of a mental health worker/psychologist is not available
Jun 2007Present


Free lance
  • Assist the learner into better coping and adjustment in the classroom, and other learning situation like streets, malls, playground
  • Promote learning skills acquisition, readiness to participate, and cooperation to group activities
  • Facilitate additional aid (e.g., ABA techniques) that would assist the learner to acquire more independent skills

Professional Resource Person

Local MEDIA Networks
  • NoyPi ikaw ba ito?  Pasensyoso ba ang mga Pinoy
  • Radio Veritas Philippines  Abu Sayaff Kidnapping of Foreign Volunteer
  • OFW Diaries  Sa Kuko ng mga Pirata; Filipino Seafarers Victims of Somalian Pirates
  • Wonder Mom  How to discipline Children Failon Ngayon  Melanoma and its Psychological impact  Psychological trauma among survivors of Child Trafficking
  • The Big Men  why do men collect toys for boys
  • Showbiz Inside Report  The megastar Ms. Sharon Cuneta’s experience on Cyber bullying
  • Cinema One News  Being a stage mother and its consequence to growing children
  • Off the Cam Interview of Movie Writers for a Screen Play
Jan 2007Dec 2010


Independent Practitioners (Free-Lancer)
  • serve as case manager to independent practitioners (e.g., professional colleagues, including the ABA trained but considered non allied-professional interventionist)
  • Conduct Behavioral Assessment, conceptualize a behavioral analysis of the learner's critical case and its impediments in learning
  • Train and Supervise the behavior technician, teach the  use of appropriate techniques, strategies, and teaching tactics
  • Motivate the Behavior Change Team (e.g., BT's, and other surrogate therapists) trouble-shoot teaching difficulties, aid in stress-management and manage in-session learning transfer problems,
  • Promote therapeutic alliance among; parents, caregiver, therapists, and other professional support like academic teachers 
  • Monitor the learner's learning acquisition and skill performance
  • Report to the Program Manager any initiatives that concerns the learners emerging skills, learning progress, or potential to upgrade a program 
  • Assist the Program Manager in the following; heading a case conference, generating effective intervention programs, evaluating pre and post learner progress
Jul 2006Dec 2006


  • Facilitate  Applied Behavior Analyic therapy intervention
  • Implement programs that ranges from varied diagnostic case and levels such as infant-toddler and pre adolescent functional needs
  • Perform the following services; tutorial, shadow, functional skills trainor, behavioral coach, play-interaction/social-play facilitator
  • Coordinate  the following; intervention follow-ups, intervention progress
Apr 2002Jul 2006


BRIDGES BEHAVIOR MANAGEMENT a.k.a Behavior Management for Autistic Children
  • Conduct initial-client intake, parent and caregiver interviews, indirect skill assessment
  • Assist in conducting needs evaluation, progress evaluation through direct behavioral assessment
  • Zealously implement an individualized therapy program to promote behavior change on an in-home or center-based intervention settings,
  • Employ evidenced-based strategies and techniques based on Applied Behavior Analysis to build the client's proactive learning skills, manage or control inappropriate behavior, decrease the possibility of self-injurious behavior in structured/non-structured (e.g., clinic or therapy center)and natural settings (e.g., other homes, hotel, restaurants, etc.,)
  • Facilitate positive behavioral support on 1:1 intervention, and establish the following; dyad-learning partners, triad-experimental classroom like learning, or a small-group play learning set-up
  • Perform after school tutorial sessions, in-school Shadow-therapist, public setting (e.g., mall, park, airport, cinema) or playground behavioral coach
  • Monitor the learner's target progress in on-session performance, learning transition or new setting adaptation, and skill or response generalization,
  • Coordinates with parents, immediate caregivers, mainstream/inclusion academic teachers for intervention follow-ups
  • Prepare clinical session notes/summary reports
  • Suggest for alternative teaching strategies, functional learning and intervention targets based on objective measures,


Jun 2006Present

Master of Arts major in Clinical Psychology

The Royal & Pontifical, University of Santo Tomas 

MA Thesis: Motivating Operations Influence in establishing verbal repertoire and its impact on corpus callosum of verbal apraxic children with autism (2008-2013)

Jun 1999Mar 2002

Bachelor of Science Major in Psychology

Lyceum of the Philippines University, Intramuros Manila



American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress

Melville New York, USA

National Center for Crisis Management

New York, USA

EMDRIA HAP, Trained Therapist

EMDR Therapist 2

EMDR International Philippines 


Action Oriented Intervention 


Consistency, Persistence, Patience, Endurance, Being Child-Friendly, Output oriented
  • has the will, focus, and determination to make sure that no learner is left behind
Emotional Quotient versus Objectivity
  • has good disposition to handle stressful situation
Team Work and Cooperativeness
  • can always be diplomatic for the child's interest
Applied Behavior Analytic Savvy
  • can draw a bag of tips & tricks that could help a child learn 

Professional INTEREST

  • Applied Behavior Analysis
  •  Analysis of Verbal Behavior
  • Art & Play Therapy 
  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy
  • Exposure Therapy
  • Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing
  • Hypnosis and hypnotherapy
  • Neurolinguistic Programming
  • Psychotrauma Management
  • Behavioral Neuroscience
  • Neuropsychology


''Each moment is every Child's Opportunity to Learn'' -KML


  • Doc Johnny B. Decatoria PhD., BCETS-D, former UN consultant
  • Maria Lourdes Medina PhD., BCETS-D, EMDR Phils
  • Prof. Rosalito de Guzman PhD., RP, CCLP
  • Prof. Dolores de Leon, PhD., RP
  • Rev. Fr. Edgardo de Jesus Ph.D., RGC, BCETS-D
  • The Late Rev. Fr. Agustin Balanguit PhD., BCETS
  • The Late Ms. Shanti Kilduff, MA SpEd, BCBA
  • Prof. Jonathan Arante CNP, MS


Ms. Erika Blanco-Subang

Early Childhood Education Practitioner

Ms. Claudia Erika King

Early Childhood Education Practitioner