Kristian M. Ledda

Work experience

Work experience
Jan 2010 - Present


Independent Practitioners (Free Lance Circle)
  • Conduct a Behavioral Assessment, administer tests not limited to developmental/behavioral scales
  • Generate an Individualized-ABA Intervention Program fit to specifically address the learner's needs
  • Monitor the learner's progress through direct observation and other objective measures
  • Prepare progress evaluation and reports
  • Maintains the integrity of an effective ABA intervention program
  • Provides training and workshops to therapists, case manager, including surrogates, parents/immediate caregivers
  • Facilitate Intervention Team Collaboration across the therapist involved and other non-behavioral practicing professionals
  • Advises the appraisal of the learner's intervention program, the level of performance difficulty, range of exposure, especially number of sessions required based on objective measures
Mar 2011 - Present


  • Provide ideas and strategies that makes activities that captures the child's interest
  • Provide training on how to deal with children with unique needs and learning potentials
  • Assist in making their workshop programs benefit the child's learning potentials and development
Aug 2006 - Present


  • Conduct Psychological Evaluation and Assessment
  • Provide a Differential Diagnosis/Diagnostic Impression
  • Prepare the Client for referrals to address other concerns such as Medical Attention, or other specialized services
  • Perform Out-Patient Psychotherapy and other forms of Psychotrauma Management and Intervention
  • Provide Psychological First Aid, Critical Stress Management, Stress Debriefing
  • Psycho-educate the client (patient) its family, and other immediate personal resource (e.g., friends)
  • Coordinate with Social-Workers, NGO, Legal Authorities, Teachers and School Administrators whenever necessary
  • Build's Client readiness, monitor its ability to progress, prepares them to independence with the ending the psychological intervention/support 
  • Function as Community Psycho-Social Support in the advent of calamities and natural disasters across the country
  • Serve as trainor of paraprofessionals especially in remote areas where the services of a mental health worker/psychologist is not available
Jun 2007 - Present


Free lance
  • Assist the learner into better coping and adjustment in the classroom, and other learning situation like streets, malls, playground
  • Promote learning skills acquisition, readiness to participate, and cooperation to group activities
  • Facilitate additional aid (e.g., ABA techniques) that would assist the learner to acquire more independent skills
2003 - 2012

Professional Resource Person

Local MEDIA Networks
  • NoyPi ikaw ba ito?  Pasensyoso ba ang mga Pinoy
  • Radio Veritas Philippines  Abu Sayaff Kidnapping of Foreign Volunteer
  • OFW Diaries  Sa Kuko ng mga Pirata; Filipino Seafarers Victims of Somalian Pirates
  • Wonder Mom  How to discipline Children Failon Ngayon  Melanoma and its Psychological impact  Psychological trauma among survivors of Child Trafficking
  • The Big Men  why do men collect toys for boys
  • Showbiz Inside Report  The megastar Ms. Sharon Cuneta’s experience on Cyber bullying
  • Cinema One News  Being a stage mother and its consequence to growing children
  • Off the Cam Interview of Movie Writers for a Screen Play
Jan 2007 - Dec 2010


Independent Practitioners (Free-Lancer)
  • serve as case manager to independent practitioners (e.g., professional colleagues, including the ABA trained but considered non allied-professional interventionist)
  • Conduct Behavioral Assessment, conceptualize a behavioral analysis of the learner's critical case and its impediments in learning
  • Train and Supervise the behavior technician, teach the  use of appropriate techniques, strategies, and teaching tactics
  • Motivate the Behavior Change Team (e.g., BT's, and other surrogate therapists) trouble-shoot teaching difficulties, aid in stress-management and manage in-session learning transfer problems,
  • Promote therapeutic alliance among; parents, caregiver, therapists, and other professional support like academic teachers 
  • Monitor the learner's learning acquisition and skill performance
  • Report to the Program Manager any initiatives that concerns the learners emerging skills, learning progress, or potential to upgrade a program 
  • Assist the Program Manager in the following; heading a case conference, generating effective intervention programs, evaluating pre and post learner progress
Jul 2006 - Dec 2006


  • Facilitate  Applied Behavior Analyic therapy intervention
  • Implement programs that ranges from varied diagnostic case and levels such as infant-toddler and pre adolescent functional needs
  • Perform the following services; tutorial, shadow, functional skills trainor, behavioral coach, play-interaction/social-play facilitator
  • Coordinate  the following; intervention follow-ups, intervention progress
Apr 2002 - Jul 2006


BRIDGES BEHAVIOR MANAGEMENT a.k.a Behavior Management for Autistic Children
  • Conduct initial-client intake, parent and caregiver interviews, indirect skill assessment
  • Assist in conducting needs evaluation, progress evaluation through direct behavioral assessment
  • Zealously implement an individualized therapy program to promote behavior change on an in-home or center-based intervention settings,
  • Employ evidenced-based strategies and techniques based on Applied Behavior Analysis to build the client's proactive learning skills, manage or control inappropriate behavior, decrease the possibility of self-injurious behavior in structured/non-structured (e.g., clinic or therapy center)and natural settings (e.g., other homes, hotel, restaurants, etc.,)
  • Facilitate positive behavioral support on 1:1 intervention, and establish the following; dyad-learning partners, triad-experimental classroom like learning, or a small-group play learning set-up
  • Perform after school tutorial sessions, in-school Shadow-therapist, public setting (e.g., mall, park, airport, cinema) or playground behavioral coach
  • Monitor the learner's target progress in on-session performance, learning transition or new setting adaptation, and skill or response generalization,
  • Coordinates with parents, immediate caregivers, mainstream/inclusion academic teachers for intervention follow-ups
  • Prepare clinical session notes/summary reports
  • Suggest for alternative teaching strategies, functional learning and intervention targets based on objective measures,


Jun 2006 - Present

Master of Arts major in Clinical Psychology

The Royal & Pontifical, University of Santo Tomas 

MA Thesis: Motivating Operations Influence in establishing verbal repertoire and its impact on corpus callosum of verbal apraxic children with autism (2008-2013)

Jun 1999 - Mar 2002

Bachelor of Science Major in Psychology

Lyceum of the Philippines University, Intramuros Manila


2007 - Present

American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress

Melville New York, USA
2007 - Present

National Center for Crisis Management

New York, USA
2008 - Present

EMDRIA HAP, Trained Therapist

EMDR Therapist 2
2008 - Present

EMDR International Philippines 




Consistency, Persistence, Patience, Endurance, Being Child-Friendly, Output oriented

  • has the will, focus, and determination to make sure that no learner is left behind

Emotional Quotient versus Objectivity

  • has good disposition to handle stressful situation

Team Work and Cooperativeness

  • can always be diplomatic for the child's interest

Applied Behavior Analytic Savvy

  • can draw a bag of tips & tricks that could help a child learn 

Professional INTEREST

  • Applied Behavior Analysis
  •  Analysis of Verbal Behavior
  • Art & Play Therapy 
  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy
  • Exposure Therapy
  • Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing
  • Hypnosis and hypnotherapy
  • Neurolinguistic Programming
  • Psychotrauma Management
  • Behavioral Neuroscience
  • Neuropsychology


''Each moment is every Child's Opportunity to Learn'' -KML


  • Doc Johnny B. Decatoria PhD., BCETS-D, former UN consultant
  • Maria Lourdes Medina PhD., BCETS-D, EMDR Phils
  • Prof. Rosalito de Guzman PhD., RP, CCLP
  • Prof. Dolores de Leon, PhD., RP
  • Rev. Fr. Edgardo de Jesus Ph.D., RGC, BCETS-D
  • The Late Rev. Fr. Agustin Balanguit PhD., BCETS
  • The Late Ms. Shanti Kilduff, MA SpEd, BCBA
  • Prof. Jonathan Arante CNP, MS



Ms. Erika Blanco-Subang

Early Childhood Education Practitioner

Ms. Claudia Erika King

Early Childhood Education Practitioner