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Kristi Markoff

Veterinarian tech assistant


To obtain a job as a vet assistant to help my career and skill set grow. 

Work experience


Kennels supervisor/ Animal care technician

Animal Central

Taking in patient/client flow and communicating with owners on any problems or needs. 

Dog daycare supervising large groups of dogs at play, Keeping them safe and happy. 

Dog, cat, and bird care for overnight/multiple days boarding. Duties include: feeding, water, maintaining and keeping cages and kennel areas clean. Medication administering and keeping track of special needs animals. 

Helping hold animals for injections , ivs,  exams etc. Keeping everything clean and sanitized and ready for the next patient.  Retreving files and client information. Handling cadavers or anastesia surgery animals pre and post care. 

Teamwork and making sure the next shift is aware of information and anything important, either verbally or writing it out in detail so everyone is up to speed. 


Register / Food prep

Ltitle Cesars

Greeting, and customer service.  

Taking down orders and register work. 

Kitchen duties: Food preparation, heavy cooking machinery handling,  keeping up on dishes and maintaining a clean and safe work environment. 

Coworker communication and teamwork. 



Highschool credits

Arvada west highschool



Listening and communication

Detail oriented, asking questions, making sure everyone is aware of the situation. Great at taking direction. 

Animal psychology

Knowledge of animal behavior and body language


Hardworking and prefectionist. Able to lift heavy objects or animals with ease.