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Peters Hamlin LLC provides legal representation for executives and professionals with respect to issues involving severance, non-compete agreements, non-solicitation agreements,  executive compensation, and lawsuits to recuperate unpaid bonuses and short-term and long-term incentive pay.Kristan Peters has approximately 25 years of experience representing executives and professionals in employment law matters. Kristan Peters negotiates on behalf of investment bankers, hedge fund managers, private equity managers and highly compensated executives and professionals. Kristan Peters assists in reviewing executive's contracts, employment or consultant agreements, advising executives and negotiating better agreements for them, in a professional and collegial manner that facilitates and does not undermine past and new professional relationship.Kristan Peters has worked in-house as an analyst in the Human Resources Department of the international division of Shell Oil ("Pecten International") in Houston, Texas, and Douala, Cameroon, and as a partner in the nation's premier employment law firms. This experience provided her with the invaluable knowledge and understanding required to assist executives, managers, corporations, employees and independent contractors with respect to their employment agreements, executive compensation agreements, severance packages, consultant agreements, corporate restructuring, restrictive covenants (such as nonsolicitation agreements), non-compete agreements, discrimination and retaliation, change-in-control negotiations and Incentive compensation (such as restricted stock and stock options).  The results Kristan has achieved for her clients are stellar.  As one client commented: "Once I engaged Kristan Peters, I increased by fifty-fold what I had been offered upon my exit, even after I spent months on my own trying to negotiate a better severance.  I should have put the matter in Kristan Peters's able hands from day one."

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