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I dream of being a strong reputable broadcast reporter, to bring my tenacious teamwork to the newsroom, and out on the field with me. My natural curiosity of the world is what pushes me to get all of the questions answered.

When I see a fire truck pass me on the street, I always want to follow it and figure out what is going on around me.

I love being knowledgeable about the world around me, but not at all in a superficial way. I believe that in the news world and in the personal world there are limits of what is appropriate information to pass on. Using ethics, I believe that when a child is kidnapped the public needs to know information about the situation in order to help the victims family as well as protect other future victims. The approach needs to be personal, and the family needs to know you would like to talk to help, not to exploit. I am the journalist that will take the extra step to make sure I am trusted, therefore allowing me to get the whole story and not just outer image.


I remember one night as a little girl I was watching The National on CBC with my dad and I asked him who the man on the TV was, he replied: "That's Peter Mansbridge. He's one of the most trusted men." Since that day, that's all I've ever wanted to be.

Years later in high school, I realized the job entailed more than just reading the news and that's when I feel in love with Journalism.

One of my biggest pet peeves are when people spread gossip, especially when its not truth.  Journalism is my passion because I want to spread truth. It's amazing how many Canadians talk about our work out east, but are spreading the wrong information.

I can't wait to use my schooling, knowledge and connections in order to spread truth about everyday actions that effect us all and to give a voice to those who don't have one.

Work experience


Emerge Magazine

Reporter, traveling Toronto covering the beat for those who have recently graduated post-secondary and are looking for a advice about the real world.

Apr 2010Present

Newsroom Intern

680 News - All News Radio, Rogers Communications.
Mar 2011Present



Traveling throughout the greater Burlington and Oakville area capturing magazine news stories about the community for "The Source."

The Source highlights personalities that are making a difference in their community and or events that are taking place.


The 680 Newsroom

My education goes beyond the classroom, and into the newsroom.

I have worked alongside many media professonals such as Colin D'mello of CTV News, Shauna Hunt of City News, and many many at 680 News Radio such as Eva Fragiskatos, Judy Freedman, John Ross, Jennifer Young, Anne Lavrih, Andrew Nie and many many more..

Sep 2008Apr 2012

Honours Bachelor of Applied Arts in Media Studies

University of Guelph-Humber

Feel free to read one my print works with our student run newspaper The Guelph-Humber Radix. The third page is home to my news story, "Surprise Eviction Notices Leave Students Homeless."


Writing for print or online can be hard if you don't know the difference between the styles. Broadcast news writing is short and to the point, while print can differ depending on the situation and medium. I have years of experience writing for newspapers and magazines. Traveling and meeting new people is the best part of writing, and there is always an obvious difference between he writers who experience their subject versus those who don't. Talk to the readers and listeners, as if you are only explaining the subject to one person and they will all feel as if you are only talking to them.
Audio and Video Editing
Trained by the best to use Burly Radio System, Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premier, I am able to edit all types of audio and video selections with speed. Please check out my latest edit series: "For the Love of Sport - Ringette Concussions"                  
On site and breaking news reporter. Specializing in sports, politics and breaking news. When something happens, I want to be there first. Thinking on my feet, and summarizing the situation while still including all of the important details is my specialty. Anything that happens in your community, is your business because the more aware you are, the safer you are.