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Artist Statement

My art revolves around pencil drawing, however, within these drawings I like to create many details in order to communicate the drawing better. My area of expertise lies in illustrating images and recapturing them as my own - particularly in still life drawing. I still have much to learn and room to grow as an artist, however I am more than willing to work hard and take opportunities to help progress my involvement with the visual arts.

Experience in the Arts


- Experience completely redrawing a picture into various dots

- Application of tonal value through the dots

Pencil drawing

-Applying various tonal values

- Recreating still life drawings


Sep 2013Jun 2014

Art 10

Western Canada High School

-Obtained knowledge of tonal values

-Learned portrait, as well as still life drawing techniques

Sep 2010Jun 2013

Junior High Art 7, 8, 9

Unity Composite High School

- Learned various techniques of drawing still life such as different strokes to use

-Learned the art form of pointalism

- Gained experience in acrylic art and designing logos



Tess Marusiak


Armada Inn Hotel