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Work experience


Co-Founder & General Manager - Automotive Div.

ISA Industrial Limited

Award: Eco-innovation in Tanning industry (CLIA, China, 2009)

Job responsibilities as board member (2001- present)

Develop sustainability strategies, review business priorities and environment performance

Job responsibilities as General Manager-automotive leather division (2001-2010)

Oversee daily business operations, environmental management, and product and service reliability, Develop customer value and innovate additional margins in product and service systems such as Symbiotic / cascading by-product utilization, close-loop (small loop) production and synergistic green-labelling with brands, integrated resource usage, lean management productivity initiatives, 3R waste control and pollution prevention.

Business scope: Tannery - Automotive & Shoe OEM leather production with LITE TM


Partner & Advisor

Aschoff Solar GmbH

Award: Alternative energy and resource efficiency (Ministry of Energy, Thailand, 2011)

Job responsibility: business partners development support (e.g., PPP projects)

Business Scope: Solar-thermal: alternative energy design, installation & monitoring system for industrial processes and facilities


Founding Partner & Board Member

Saigon Tan Tec Leather Ltd.

Responsibilities: Develop sustainability strategies, review business priorities and environment performance

Certification: Eco-label (FILK, Germany, 2012)

Award: Energy efficiency (DENA, Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, Germany, 2010):


Vice President / Sales & Marketing

Irving Asian Partners

 Responsibilities: Market analysis, Business development with international brands, supervise marketing & sales activities, produce forecast and budget adjustment reports. 


Deputy GM

Tan Tec Industrial Limited

Responsibilities: General administration, financial control, sales & marketing and local affairs 


Manager - Sales & Marketing

Guangzhou Leather Works


Training Program_Improving Eco-Efficiency: Green Growth for Local Governments


Certification_Trainer of Trainers_Fundamental of Green Growth Policies

 Jan-Feb'12, Mar'10, Aug'09, Jun'09

Advanced Research Study -International Business and Strategic Management


Oct 2012Present


Cross disciplinary studies & research programs

Research Topic:

´RAM´ system as a foundation for Rural Community transformation and beyond

 Resource Productivity , Alternative Energy and  Multi-platform Collective actions


good command of quality control processes by supervising / participating numerous on-site audits such as ISO 14001-2004,  TS 16949, ISO 9001:2000, Satra and  LWG environmental audits
Organisational / managerial
▪  Environmental management systems (EMS) through audit and training program from previous work. ▪  Lean Management through Toyota TQM (total quality management) , VW & Adidas OEM(original equipment manufacturing ) training systems ▪  Project management  through automotive ODM(original design manufacturing) training and management experiences  ▪  Business development & branding through entrepreneurship, sales & marketing experiences ▪  Leadership and general business administration = learning by doing 
Good communication and human skills gained through my experience as vice president of sales & marketing
  good command of Microsoft Office™ tools,  Apple Filemaker Pro™ tools, Window Movie Maker™,
Fluent in English, Chinese Mandarin, Hokian, Taiwanese Able to communicate in German, Cantonese, Japanese , minor in Spanish



Chinese Environmental Innovation Policy: Retrospect and Prospect

Haifeng Huang, Guomei Zhou, Min Liu, Huiying Li

The Road of China's Economic Creation

Huang Hai Feng, Zhou Guomei et al.

The Impact of Innovation Strategy in China- From European and Chinese Perspectives

Haifeng Huang, Bingmeng Chen, Kris Schneider

The Export and Pollution Prevention Strategy of Tanning Industry : BAT and Realistic Policies to foster Industry Risk management

Liu Min, China Foreign Tannery Association.

'Resource effiency in Leather Indusdtry',

Kris Schneider


Certificate_Trainer of Trainers


Events & Activities

§Jul, Sep, Nov, 2012 , Research Project:  Propoor _ sustainable rural development

§YuNan, Zhejiang, China

§International Rural Network World Forum, Australia,

Participation in field work research & conference, in the focus of rural development within remote mountain villages of China Yunnan and Zhejiang Provinces covering topics of Social entrepreneurship, alternative energy development, financing mechanism, logistic infrastructures and technology management difficulty and cost of providing modern services and infrastructure  to aide light to poverty alleviation.

§Jun,  2011, Capacity Training program_”Improving Eco-Efficiency: Green Growth for Local Government”

§UNITAR_CIFAL Traning center

   Resource person participation with written papers of  PPP case studies

   & new rural development in Jiangxi Nangchang

§Sept.28-30, 2010, Associate

§3rd International competition of Sustainable Architecture and Design

§UN-Habitat Building, Shanghai Expo, '10

Kris and her team collaborated on the event organization with GRAT (Austria) which focused on pro-poor housing design solutions and livelihood opportunities in light of vast urbanization.  The theme embraced environmental technologies and socially fair access to resources. 

§May-Sep, 2010, Organizer ,

§Community livelihood improvement in retirement homes and shelter housing

The " Sending Warmth in winter" project aimed to improve building insulation, thermal comfort and hot 

   water system with renewable resource. The project was collaborated with expert team from Tsing Hua 

   University and Aschoff Solar GmbH.

§Feb, 9-13,  2010, Post-quake construction assessment  ,

§by Low carbon Economy Development system Analysis Committee

§ With Guangyuan / Sichuan Government, China Academy of Social Science

   And GRAT to explore low carbon or zero emission village together with

   The solutions of renewable & sustainable housing

§Nov, 2-6,  2009,  Participants ,

§Asia-Pacific Trade and Investment Week

§Organized by OECD, UN ESCAP , ILO , UN Global compact , GRI

§United Nations Conference Center , Bangkok ,Thailand

§Oct,27-28,  2009,  Organizer ,

§S-House  /Wireless House – Green Building Shandong Conference

at XingTang Development Corp / Jining  / Shandong

   By Ecological-Development Union International ,

§Oct,27-28,  2009,  Organizer ,

§S-House  /Wireless House – Green Building Harbin Conference

at Harbin Univ. of Technology, organized by Ecological-Development Union International.

§Oct,25-26,  2009,  Organizer ,

§S-House  /Wireless House – Green Building Beijing Conference

   By Ecological-Development Union International ,

   at Beijing Univ.  of Technology

§Sept.11, 2009, Panelist , Green Jobs , ILO_ESCAP  session

§International Conference on Green Industry in Asia

   by UNIDO, UNEP, ESCAP, ILO and Philippine Government

§Aug.31-Sept.5,2009, resource person

§UN Climate change policy conference (South-East Asia  / Training Of

   Trainers  on Green Growth Policy Tools for Low-carbon Development ),

   Kanchanaburi, Thailand

§Jun.21-27,2009,  resource person

§UNESCAP, Green Growth, Training Of Trainers ,  Bangkok

§March,2009,  Co-Organizer,

§Habitats fund raising , AISG, supported by

   Ecological-Development Union International

§Dec. 21th, 2008, Secretary  General & Project Leader

§The Beijing Circular Economy – White Pollution Prevention Forum

§Oct.9-10,2008, Participating Scholar

§HarvardUniversityconference of  “The Globalization of Chinese Enterprises: Transformational Politics,

   Business Strategies, and FuturePaths"

§Oct.3-4,2008, Participating Industrialist

§“Sustainable Footwear Forum: Green Initiatives and Industry

§Collaboration” by Deckers Outdoor Corporation and Donald Bren

   School of  Environmental Science & Management,  University of

   California, Santa Barbara.

§Jan. 2008, Project Leader

§Risk aversion Forum: Trade , policy and investment movements

§Foreign Tannery Association , Guangdong , China

§Aug. 2008, Co-Organizer

§Walkathon, Huiling home with cognitive disability ,Guangzhou

§Dec. 6th, 2007, Secretary  General & Project Leader

§The Beijing sustainable Development International Forum

Speechs and Presentaions

Key Qualifications

Kris Schneider ( Liu Min ) is accomplished in operational undertakings and sustainability business strategies in the focus of  Branding , Management  and Service (re)designs.  Her strength lays in knitting the organizational values, cost structures into corporate portfolios ( social, environmental & carbon ), while her consultation works center in the areas of helping management teams to discern the complexities of competence  issues , cross-boundaries investments, product and service diversification with the  systemic approach of resources integrative or deleveraging strategies.

Ms. Schneider, co-founding partner of her group companies, has solid working experience in Automotive, Footwear & Leather industries, where she is often invited to host / speak in seminars and international conferences. 

Also characterized as an engaging facilitator, she brings positive energies to events and workshops. To promote sustainability conscience and executions, she constantly supports UN and local Green Growth capacity building programs.

She strives in multiple languages. Her fluency in foreign tongues has rewarded her professional recognitions as well as widened cross-cultural experiences, of which she is articulate  in English, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, Hokian, fluent in German and Japanese, then  with an understanding of Spanish.

She is an enterprising researcher, who has participated in several regional economic, social and industrial studies, where intervention proposals are raised to regional governments in light of a greener growth and lower carbon development. Her inclusive views with holistic approaches often target to bring pro-poor growth agendas to the discussion tables that replace industrial green shoots or spurs of short-term investment topics. 

Organization Memberships

2008NowEcological Development Union InternationalChina

Secretary  /  Austria and Germany region

§Co-founded the organization together with international expects on the mission to develop a clean, resource efficient and recycling economy. The organization has been widely engaged as working partner by many domestic and international governmental agencies , mainstream institutions and active industrialsectors for research topic, demonstration projects , best practices, information exchange , international experts mobilization, and trade / investment collaborations.

2006NowForeign Tanners of AssociationChina


§Consult the FTA on Macro-economic policy, intra-industries trends and market information to support the tanning industry corporate executives in their company profiling, risk management, strategic positioning further down to decision making process in the usual concurrent context of eco-profiting and resource efficiency.The consultation programs usually includes workout activities focusing to introduce/ map outthe redesigningoffirm level product service system ,its close-Loop manufacturing ,SCP , waste management and energy efficiency operating criterions. During the years of consultation,several industry Green initiatives was prompted to successful execution including energy efficiency working group , close loop manufacturing study,community conservation programs , to product carbon footprints voluntary co- labeling to evoke consumer purchase decision.

20012005Foreign InvestmentAssociation, Guangzhou Baiyun, China

Executive Director

§Collaborate and voices for enterprises amongst local governments, institutions and companies on latent issues demanding immediate government or associated industry actions.