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Krishna Patel

Motivated and ambitious individual.  


Sr. iOS Developer

Tools: Xcode

Language and Others : Objective C, Swift, Design Pattern like Singleton, Decorator (Delegation, Categories), Notification, MVC, Target-Action(Custom Control), Designated Initialiser, Predicates, Memory management, ARC and NON-ARC, In App Purchase, UIStoryboard, Local and Push notifications, Gesture Regozniser. 

Frameworks : UIKit classes like Navigation controller, Tab bar, Split view controller, Popover controllers, Foundation Classes like NSData, NSKeyedArchiver, NSFileManager, AddressBook, MessageUI, AVFoundation classes like Audioplayer, Recorder, Audiosession and Interruption handling, MediaPlayer other like PhotoLibrary, AssetLibrary, CIFilters, Animations, NSURL Connections, Core Location, Core Data, iCloud Document Storage, iCloudkit, sqlite, Core Location, Mapkit, Social Twitter. 

ThirdParty : Facebook Framework, AdNetwork like Mobup with associated networks like Google Admobs, Millennial Media, ChartBoost and others like Adcolony, Tap n joy, Flurry Video Ads (Providing User Rewards). Analytics like Flurry ads, Crashanalytics, Testflight for beta testing and distribution, Weather api, Json Parsing. 

Work experience

Jan 2010Present

Team Lead

Web I Techology
  • Inspired each and every team member to perform and produce their best.
  • Determined the duties and responsibilities of individuals in a team.
  • Analyzed the individual performance of each team member and motivated them to perform even better.
  • Organized training workshops to improve the performance of the members, keep team and projects updated with new iOS release.
  • Analyzed the assigned projects and distributed tasks to the members as per their area of expertise. Reported any problem or fault in the project to the project manager or supervisor.
  • Offered solutions to the top management regarding project-related queries.
  • Involved in project planning, UX design suggestions, In-app purchase placements  making sure that it meets Apple standards. 


Jun 2005Jun 2009

B.E Computer Engineering

A.D Patel Institute of Technology

(Sardar Patel University)

Project Profile