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Currently I am enrolled at California High School and taking AP Biology, Computer troubleshooting, AP English, and Art 1. I have been in Puente since freshmen year. I am in my church band as singer and play piano and guitar every Thursday and Sunday. When at home, I baby-sit my little sister and assist my grandmother to her medical needs. Although all of the above can be time-consuming I still get all of my homework in, go to all my classes on time, and perform well in school.


Become a singer/songwriter in Los Angeles


Make up Artist
I do make up for special/regular occasions Done make up for friends, and other people Make tutorials on YouTube
Play clarinet for 7 years Guitar (electric and acoustic) for 4 years Piano for 2 years Learning Bass guitar
Drawing Artist
Been considered an artist since elementary My art has been put in art shows/contests Been put up in offices for show
Spanish is my first language Translate for parents/grandparents by mouth/ by paper Expert English and Spanish speaker
Great at writing in almost anything Write poems, songs, stories etc. My writing is most of the time used as examples
Cutting Hair
People come over for hair cuts/styles Dye  hair and hair extensions Great at styling hair, straightening, curling etc. Get paid by friends to style hair for important events
Been singing since 12 years old in front of a congregation at church On special occasions (ex. Christmas, Thanksgiving etc.) I sing solos      

Work experience

Apr 2008Present

Worship Singer

  •  Play guitar, piano and sing in the church band
  • Always getting asked to do solos
  • I do not get paid for worship singing
Jan 2008Present

Baby Sitter

  • Baby-sit sibling everyday
  • Sometimes get paid
Jan 2008Present

Hair Stylist/ Cutting Hair

  • Cut/dye hair for a price
  • Style other people's hair for special occasions (Paid)


Sep 2009Present

California High School


Aug 2009Present

President's Education Awards Program

Toni Eannorino
Jan 2010Present

Puente Program Certificate of Participation

Lori R. Davies
Jan 2011Present

Honor Roll

Bill Schloss

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