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As an experienced educational professional, I would like to utilize my qualities of being patient, kindhearted, knowledgeable, and organized in order to build a positive community of learners in an elementary school environment. I will devise captivating, fascinating, and unique practices of teaching that creates interest in the students. I will perform administrative tasks and provide my colleagues with my knowledge of education.

Here is an example of a health lesson that I have created.


Hello!  First of all, I would like to thank you for spending your valuable time looking at my online resume.  This website includes demonstrations of my knowledge that I have acquired through coursework and experiences  while attending California State University, Chico.  This includes statements in which I reflected on my core values, knowledge of children, families, and programs, and my experiences with children ages birth to school-age.  Please continue to browse this website to gain an understanding about me, my experiences with children and families, and my professional core values.  Enjoy!

My resume

Three Core Values

Work experience

Aug 2008Dec 2011

Preschool Teacher

Associated Students Child Development Lab

I assisted in providing developmental care and supervision to children ages three to five.  By attending weekly staff meetings, I assisted in planning developmentally appropriate curriculum.  Daily, I would onduct observations of children and write anecdotal notes.  With help from my coursework in child development, I was able to utilize my knowledge in a hands-on setting.  Communication with parents, families, and other staff members was maintained.  Appropriate child care practices was modeled for volunteers, interns, and other staff members.

Here is an example of my understanding of model programs and developmentally appropriate practice.  Throughout my education and my experience, I have gained valuable knowledge.

Programs for Children

Jun 2008Aug 2011

Day Care Teacher

City of Roseville Parks and Recreation: Adventure Club

Through my college experience, I would travel between Roseville and Chico during summers.  During the summers, I would work with the Parks and Recreation department in Roseville.  As a day care teacher at the Adventure Club, I maintained a safe and healthy environment for children ages five to twelve by providing care and supervision.  I planned and lead sports, games, and lessons.  Positive relationships with children, parents, families, and staff members was maintained.  In order to assist in completing Desired Results Developmental Profiles for children, I would conduct daily observations of the children during their attendance at the center.

Sep 2010Dec 2010

Classroom Aide

Neal Dow Elementary School

I volunteered in a second grade classroom as a classroom aide to complete a forty-five hour experience requirement for my degree in Liberal Studies.  Through this experience, I conducted lessons with small groups of students, assisted students in practice work pages, and monitored and tutored individual students.  Working in a second grade classroom, I was able to learn about multicultural education.  Here is my response to multicultural education.  I performed generlal clerical duties, such as creating bulletin boards, grading students' assignments, and preparing lesson materials for the classroom teacher.

Why do I want to be a teacher?

My Experience With Children


Appropriate Curriculum

Knowledge of Children


Aug 2007Dec 2011

Liberal Studies and Child Development

California State University, Chico

In December 2011, I received two Bachelor degrees in Liberal Studies and Child Development.  I attained a GPA of a 3.38.  I do believe that my grades are an accurate indication of what I have learned.  Through my coursework, I have had the opportunity to observe children through a one-way mirror and conduct observational techniques.  Also, I have had three opportunities for supervised fieldwork.  I have volunteered in an infant classroom at the Child Development Lab on the Chico State campus.  During my fieldwork, I utilized my knowledge of infant's development by providing quality care and supervision based on the National Associated for the Education of Young Children accredidations, developing and implementing developmentally appropriate curriculum, and evaluating the program's routines. 

Another internship opportunity that I had was at Neal Dow Elementary School in the In-School Suspension Classroom.  This classroom is a supportive and structured environment for suspended students to work on appropriate classroom behaviors and their academic studies.  Under the direction of the In-School Suspension Supervisor, I took on a variety of duties, like guiding student's in monitoring, managing, and reflecting on their own behavior.  I performed general clerical duties and prepared materials for students.  I have learned through this internship about individual learning styles.  Based on this knowledge, I have created a learning styles classroom environment.


Oct 2010Nov 2015

Child Development Teacher Permit

California Commission on Teacher Credentailing