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Desktop/Helpdesk Support
I have great customer facing skills, especially taking customers who are very emotional about the issues they are facing with there compuers. I find it very easy to take the customer from this perspective to a logical one where I can layout the timeline to resolution and set the correct expectation. I find that keeping a customer updated with where we are with a solution at each stage makes the customer at ease. 
I have managed myself and a team of 1, this is a skill that I am hoping to develop further in my next role. As I managed a small company before I managed all third party suppliers and work flows surrounding this. For example I would ensure that accounts are processed correctly by leasing with a accountant, all accounts are paid and up to date with suppliers. Ensure customers are happy with delivery of goods. Handle my own profit loss statements. I would also ensure work flows are working to deadlines and ensure the workflow for my staff is running to time. I would also appraise the staff member and encourage work.
My first ever role was in door to door sales and telesales (after leaving school). My most current role involved meeting clients for pre-sales and sales meetings. I also attended a variety of Networking groups for business to business sales (BNI, 4N Networking, Gateway 2 business, etc...) I am proficent in face to face sales and relationship building.
I have recently learned to use this tool on a basic level for remote management of networks. I am able to setup network diagnostics through this tool, setup updates and patch releases. run spyware, antivirus through the tool. Setup backups and check on backups.currently learning how to script correctlyy with Kasaya.
I have been using VNC as a tool to connect in with Remote users (alongside RDP) for a few years now.
Office 2003 - 2010
I am a average user of the product, able to make it do most simple tasks. I am able to workout how to do most things when asked or the need arises. But I can troubleshoot the products for clients
Windows 98 thru Windows 7
I have ben support Windows based workstation solutions for all of my career and am able to setup, configure, troubleshoot almost any issue. I am able to Network these machines into domain, VPN's and workgroups (Homegroups). I pick up new updates, upgrades or versions of Windows software within weeks.
SQL 2005
Able to Troubleshoot basic problems. Basic admin. Knowlegeable enough to work with 3rd parties to resolve complex issues.
Networking (TCP/IP)
Proficent in troubleshooting network issues, able to setup and configure networks using a wide variety of technologies (routers, hubs, switches, etc...). Able to use and configure DNS, DHCP, VOIP, VPN on a variety of platforms.
I have worked in enviroments with Exchange and have some basic knowlege, I am able to setup exchange and correctly setup MX records for the use of exchange.  I have some basic Troubleshooting skills.
Windows Based Servers (NT - 2008)
Have worked with Windows based Servers over the last 10 years. I can build and secure servers with Domains and I can also troubleshoot issues. I have experiance with Active Directory, planning and implimentation.

Work experience

Mar 2008Present

Technical Manager

PCSG NorthwestLondon (TA PC Support Group)

Providing an extensive PC support service and outsourced IT solutions to clients; from individual private customers to companies with up to 100 users

¡Leading the creation, development and direction of a new Regional Area Office

¡Developing and implementing strategies, sales plans, budgets and targets

¡Responsible for reporting financial results to the second director of the company

¡Analysing market and industry trends, calculating risks and establishing superior services in comparison to competitor offerings

¡Sitting on the Board of various companies, planning and assessing IT strategies and advising on setting budgets

¡Outsourcing and overseeing third party contractors

¡Recruiting, training and mentoring new employees

¡Promoting sales, identifying new business opportunities and cultivating client relationships

¡Presenting business proposals to potential clients both one-to-one and to large groups

¡Supporting calls from clients and providing third line technical assistance

Key Projects include:

Project:Crownwise-Primary Care Trust home (18 users)

Objective:The client wanted a company named email address, centralised data storage and a method to keep an eye on managers and timetables

Status: Single workstations (across 6 sites) with no data conformity across the network; email usage Google-mail and Hotmail

Outcome:Design of a network with VPN access (using the DrayTek Vigor 2820N) across sites, the central location having a server with SBS 2008 and Exchange fully configured. The VPN was then used to synch exchange and documents across the network. The exchange calendar was used for visibility between site managers and directors. Also a TimeNeto finger print clock in device was implemented to keep an eye on staff

Project:OBG Cameron Banfill (36 users)

Objective:For the PC Support Group to enable basic functionality within 4 days

Status:Project won after the previous IT Company left with servers and IT equipment.The server had been removed from site and the switches had been reset. This was linked to a PoE VOIP phone system which had also gone down

Outcome:Within 4 days I had redesigned the network, implemented new servers and configured all equipment to a basic level of connectivity (phones, email, document access and internet access), within 2 weeks we had ironed out the majority of bugs

Dec 2005Dec 2008

Network Engineer

Dulwich College

Monitoring systems/providing support to ensure the smooth running of all applications throughout the college

¡Sole responsibility for a large section of the college’s networks

¡Working as part of a five person team

¡Providing 1st line support for all SQL troubleshooting

¡Management of new updates and ensuring the smooth running of the two SQL data bases

¡Diagnosing faults and resolving technical and applications issues

¡Corrective and preventative maintenance of in-house and general applications

¡Managing third party suppliers

Key Achievements:

¡Trust gained with financial and student records

Nov 2004Dec 2005

Second Line Support (Contract role)

Moss Pharmacy

Providing support to branches across the UK whilst managing the roll-out of a new computerised system across 1000 branches

¡Liaising with employees, users and management to ensure a smooth transition from old methods to the new system

¡Managing movement of all new computers across the branches

¡Performing analysis, testing and documenting the installation

¡Establishing any requirements and modifications

Key Achievement:

¡Complete management of 3000 computers new computers to 1000 pharmacy branches in just over 3 weeks working as part of a 3 person team


¡primary support for trouble shooting and problem solving as one of only two people on the 2nd line team

Nov 2003Nov 2004

1st Line support

Mesh Computers

- Taking all incoming calls, logging.

- Managing customer expectations

- Taking through basic troubleshooting

- Escalating to software support or second line where necessary

- Manageing in the region of 90-120 calls per day

Jan 2002Aug 2003


Traveled to many locations during this time (India, jamaica, Amsterdam, Egypt, Thailand). I also temped between roles during this time.

Nov 2001Jan 2002

Network Support (Contract)

Chase Manhatten Bank

Basic network support and auditing of equipment.

Mar 2001Nov 2001

1st Line Support (Contract)

Jubilee Extension Project

Handled 1st calls and logged issues. Basic troubleshooting.

Jan 2000Feb 2001

Technical Support Junior

Charles Kendall Freight

Basic desktop and telephone support to all staff in the company. Some troubleshooting and network support.


To seek a new and challenging Technical Support role where I can use my extensive range of people management skills, passion for modern technology and strong influencing skills to increase efficiency, create fresh ideas and maximise the growth potential of a busy and forward thinking company.


¡A technical Support Engineer with more than 10 years IT experience, with the last 2 years spent running a small IT Support Company.

¡Created, developed and managed a small business enterprise.

¡Driven to succeed, continually achieving targets, deadlines and client satisfaction

¡Driven team player, evidenced by taking on the advisory role in corporations for simplifying complex problems and help the team mobilise a solution.

¡Highly analytical with a strong knowledge of numerous operating systems & network apps

¡Exceptional communication skills as evidenced in my current role, where I negotiate and broker all deals, through listening and negotiating whilst advising on customers’ needs.

¡Strong motivational and management skills, for example, by giving initiatives to address the solutions and supporting those solutions.

¡Ability to manage clients’ expectations, calm situations & resolve complex problems, e.g. by taking clients from an emotional outlook to a logical one, conducive to solving the issue.

¡Pro-active, self motivated, resourceful and innovative

¡Focused, hard working and accustomed to working efficiently under pressure


I train in Mixed Martial Arts to competition level and attend the gym 3 or 4 times each week; this helps me develop a tough mental attitude that helps me to deal with the daily rigors of life and business.I also enjoy reading, listening to music, eating out, walking in the countryside and spending time with my family.