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My objective is to gain as much experience in interacting with various personalities to pursue a higher position in human resources or customer relations. I believe working in jobs that specifically targets attending to customer needs and managing various tasks will help me in my career plans.


Sep 2006Jun 2010

High School Diploma

Jesse Bethel High School

During my high school career, I gained the skill of time management because I managed full load of education, keeping a GPA above 3.2, with 20 hours of sports weekly. I participated in high school soccer for three years, gaining the skills of teamwork, competition, focusing on a players strengths, helping them with their weaknesses, and pairing up players whose skills compliment each other on the field. Moreover, I also got an insight of video production and acting while helping with the production of 2 VCAT episodes. Lastly, during my junior and senior year, I also participated in my school's law classes. I got a general sense of both criminal and civil law.

Work experience

May 2010Present


Fazerrati's Pizza

My duties at this institution are cashiering, busing tables and attending to multiple customers needs. The skills required to complete my duties are teamwork, time management, customer service, and above all, cleanliness.

Aug 2014Present


Wells Fargo

My duties as a bank teller is to preform multiple customer transactions in a timely order in accordance and following strict corporate rules and regulations, as well as building and strengthening customer relations. As a teller, I must provide excellent customer service and make sure all customer needs and questions have been met, answered and satisfied. I conduct a variety of transactions, while also hadling large amounts of cash and balancing at the end of each night. 

Apr 2012Jul 2013

Administrative Assistant

REB Engineering

My duties as the owner's administrative assistant was to overlook at office functions. I keep and manage all project files, documents and correspondence. I work closely with clients through every step of the project and achieve goals in a timely manner. I have also worked with a couple governing agencies pertaining to each individual project, and supervise all outgoing submittals to these agencies. This job require an excellent attention to detail, abiding by strict guidelines set by governing agencies, time management in getting a permit approved and finaled, evenly multitasking several ongoing project at the same time. 


Being part of the Varsity soccer team in high school, it opened up my view on how a team works. We had to work together and get an understanding of where everyone's place on the field was. When I made captain in 2010, I had to make sure that all my existing players were getting along with the new players. I combined various players strengths to compliment each other on the field. Team and strength efficiency was also important of the field,s o I organized at-home meeting to socialize and bond.
Customer Service
I have started to develop skills in addressing, assesing and solving customer needs and concerns. In addition, dealing and managing a various range of customer personalities and differentiating needs. I learned to take, correct and change one or more customers orders in a timely fashion. Moreover, I have been subjected to solving customers problems with a product and establishing a trust to the customer that the situation will not happen again.
iMac and PC Applications User
I began to develop computer understandings and skills with a PC. I worked with a PC for approximately 4 years. I have a general knowledge and understanding of their applications ranging from Microsoft Word, Microsoft Powerpoint, and Microsoft Excel. Later, I decided to buy an iMac. I have been working with an iMac for three years. I am relatively familiar with iMovie for video productions, iTunes, and the iWork applications.
Prioritizing & Time Management
I first discovered the importance of prioritizing and time management when I took on 20 hours of extracurricular sports activities during my freshman year of high school. I balanced a full load of academics and 20 hours of soccer, while maintaining a grade point average above 2.0. During my third year of high school I juggled my full load of academics, 20 hours of soccer and a part time job at Six Flags Discover Kingdom. I had to prioritize my activities from academics, work and soccer.   In addition, at Six Flags I had to manage multiple customers needs, orders, and concerns in a timely manner.