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Dr. Venus Opal Reese has a Ph.D. from Stanford University. She is an expert

in speech act theory, identity formation through language, and how people

"perform" themselves in everyday life. Dr. Reese is also an award-winning

theatre artist, tenured professor, and owner of Creation Consulting

Practice. Creation Consulting Practice is a structural training company that

provides specially tailored products and services to institutional and

individual clients in the areas of personal and business development and

expansion. Creation Consulting Practice publishes a series of products and

services that teaches people how to harness the creative power of language

in partnership with small, doable actions. CCP also produces a personal

discovery brand, Street Smarts: Surviving Threat and Creating New Realities

in Your Work and in Your Life, which features a series of programs and

products rooted in Dr. Reese's expertise and experience. Her Street Smarts

methodology is based on 20 years of research, teaching, experience, and

multiple branches of theoretical and philosophical training. She

incorporates elements of performance and creativity in her programs.

Dr. Venus Opal Reese combines education with entertainment. She gives

people—right on the spot—tools that will serve them for a lifetime.

Inspirational, insightful, engaging, and instructive, Dr. Reese is a dynamic

speaker who will enliven and ignite a fire in the heart and soul of your

group. She will show your people how to bring their full self-expression to

their productivity, team spirit, and to their own personal lives.

Work experience


Founder, President/CEO

Creation Consulting Practice





Dissertation: Initiating Acts: The Role of Rupture in the Formation of North American Cultural Identities.



Business Development