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Work experience

Apr 2010Present

Financial Controller

Apr 2009Mar 2010

Assistant Project Portfolio Manager


Department: Information Technology (ITEC)

- Mission:

Joining the Management Support Unit (MSU) of Information Technology department (ITEC), I was part of the Project Portfolio Management team. During one year my tasks were the following:

- Primavera Prosight administration

ITEC/MSU is using a Project Portfolio Management web-application called Primavera Prosight PPM (owned by Oracle). As administrator of the Production and the Development environments, I had the following responsibilities:

- Enhancement: as the application is fully customizable, I had the responsibility to enhance the interface and the parameters (simple javascript code) to answer users needs and follow process rules.

- Support: I was fully responsible to answer user issues, and work with the different technical teams (database, NT, Oracle support) for technical support.

- Excel Automation and Reports

There was a strong need of reports (financial, projects status...). That is why I had to modify/create automated reports. Using VBA macro, I made a few tools to help to update and publish reports.

- Enhancement of Processes

The PPM team also participates to the enhancement of Project Management processes, such as the SDLC workflow for projects follow-up.

- Working environment:

As SGCIB is a French bank, employees are mostly from America and France. Also, relations with the headquarters of the bank in France was part of the daily work, I was permanently in an alternance between French and English languages.

Jun 2008Aug 2008

Junior Developer


- Situation:

The office of AREVA T&D in Bangkok works on the Pacific South market. Mainly oriented on the power supply branch of AREVA, projects managers in Bangkok manage construction project in the different areas.

- Mission:

The Global Manager called me to answer a financial control need, as managers had no tool to help them to control and forecast there expenses on projects (highly influenced by currency rates variations), my mission was to study the processes and methods around projects (financial side), and to create a new solution, both process and software.

- Working environment:

The office counts about 15 employees, the Global Manger and I were the only French people and the rest of the staff was Thai.


Sep 2004Jan 2009

Master of Engineering



I have learned English for many years, and the past 2 years I have been using it on a daily basis, both American and British English.
As this is my mother tongue I am perfectly fluent in French.
OS Windows & Mac OS
Able to work on both Windows and Mac OS computers, I use them on a daily basis and developed applications on the two platforms.
MS Office Excel
For more than a year and an half, Excel has been the tool I use the most. Developing reports linked to databases, creating new automated ones with VBA automation, I understanding of excel allow me to answer quickly most of the needs.