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Kovács Ádám

Software Engineer


Outstanding problem solving, and algorithmic reflectiveness. Cooperatively working as a member of a team and commitment to the overall team objectives . Easy contact-making, great communication skills and empathy. Determination, pro-activity, and self-confidence. Relentlessly pursuing the achievement of goals and pushing for success. Demonstration of  the knowledge about required competencies, and the capacity to apply that and also the ability to share the knowledge within and across teams. Conveying information and ideas in an open, articulate and timely manner.
Core Competencies

  • Test Driven Development
  • Ability to apply knowledge
  • Abstract mentality 
  • Analytical skills
  • Decision making skills
  • Domain competence
  • Training, Coaching & Mentoring
  • Horizontal Software Development
  • Software Change / Configuration Management
  • Project planning and management
  • Project scoping, estimation
  • Work load management

Work History

2018 MayPresent

Software Engineer (SE3)

Dealogic Hungary Kft.
  • Design CI/CD for over 140 banks with Azure DevOps(VSTS) and Azure
  • Design client migration strategies to Continuous-Delivery
  • Continuous Support for teams for debugging
  • Coordinate migration from TFS to Git
  • Coordinate migration from Monolith to Separable Deployable Units
  • Design Internal tooling framework in React+WebApi
  • Mentoring Interns and Test Engineers
  • Work in Scrum/Kanban using Azure DevOps(VSTS) and Git and TFS
  • Create documentation to Wiki
  • End-year review 4.1 out of 5
2018 September2019 May

Part-Time Software Engineer

Vertesz Elektronika Kft.
  • Hour based on-demand client support
  • Design software communication interface with external devices
  • Adding features to WinForms/DevExpress application
2017 June2018 May

Software Engineer (SE2)

Dealogic Hungary Kft.
  • Develop new features to services used by buy-side and sell-side investment banking in ASP.Net
  • Create public-facing API for bank partners in ASP.Net WebApi and MSSQL
  • Create Frameworks for Integration Test solutions
  • Create CI/CD pipelines for internal test environments in Azure DevOps(VSTS) with Powershell
  • Track work in Scrum using Azure DevOps(VSTS) with TFS and Git
  • Create documentation to Wiki
  • End-year review 4 out of 5
2016 April2017 June

Software Developer

Restaurant Application Development International Hungary Kft.
  • Migrate C/C++ and Java code to WCF C# as plugins in a Micro Service Architecture
  • Create automated tests, and testing frameworks
  • Train and mentor newcomers
  • Track work in Kanban using Jira and Git
  • Create documentation to Wiki
  • "Unsung Hero" award for photography activities
2015 April2016 April

Junior Software Developer

Restaurant Application Development International Hungary Kft.
  • Develop new features as plugins on a highly distributed microkernel based Framework architecture in WCF with RavenDB, tested with Nunit and Specflow
  • Create user interface in HTML5 CSS and Javascript
  • Create POS hardware drivers in C++
  • Track work in Kanban using Jira and Git
  • Publish localized builds with TeamCity
  • End-year review 5 out of 5.
2014 May2015 April

Software Developer

Kicz&CO Kft.
  • Industrial Automation with PLC in Step7 and WinCC
  • Develop full-stack embossing machine interface for Step7 in WPF and communication through Step7 API
  • Create full-stack diagnostic tool for Siemens PLC devices
  • Track work in Redmine using SVN
2013 June2014 June

Outsource Software Developer

General Electric
  • End-to-end full-stack development in WinForms with MySQL database
  • Modular Movement detection system with ultrasound, infrared sensors, and cameras
  • Interchangeable interfaces for new sensor types
  • Architecture, Develop, Code Review, Create detailed documentation
  • Work without project management, source control with SVN
2012 Jan 2014 June


University of Pannonia
  • Give lectures about C/C++ and Theoretical Computer Science
  • Grade exams and homework of students for the whole semester
  • Supervise students during classes, and organize  off-time workshops
2012 Feb2014 June

Student Union Representative

University of Pannonia
  • Organize events for group-building
  • Work-shops about student laws
  • Support others as representative
  • Part-time office support service
2012 Sept2012 Dec

Research and Development Engineer

University of Pannonia
  • Research and development in the field of Timed Automaton Optimization



Bachelor of Engineering in Software Information Technology

University of Pannonia
  • Thesis: Sensor-based Android Network Application Development 
  • Supervisor: Smidla József

Network Installer and Maintainer, Software-operator

Szombathelyi Muszaki Szakkepzo Iskola és Gimnazium Gepipari Szakkozepiskolaja
  • OKJ certificate - Grade 85% - 5

High School Degree - Graduation

Szombathelyi Muszaki Szakkepzo Iskola és Gimnazium Gepipari Szakkozepiskolaja
  • Interm. Informatics: 90%
  • Interm. English: 91%
  • Interm. Math: 100%