Kortni Wren

Kortni Wren


Sales, Advertising, Exploring the world,  Reading, Writing, Oklahoma State University Sports, Collecting classic movie posters, Spending time with family and friends, Playing with my chihuahua Harley and Newfoundland Bruno, Attending live concerts and the movies. I also enjoy cooking for my family and trying new foods while traveling. 


To obtain a position in a world leading organization utilizing my background in Strategic Communications and Geography to maximize potential by presenting creative strategies and innovative plans to key decision makers developing win-win results for the company and the customer.



Work experience

Work experience

Retail Sales Representative


§  Mentorship at Kellogg’s in the role of a Retail Sales Representative to experience sales within the consumer package goods industry

§  Shadowed and worked alongside RSR’s across Oklahoma City and eastern Oklahoma sales territories participating in day to day activities

§  Utilized negotiation skills to achieve win-win results

§  Researched product offerings and new innovation items

§  Adhered to assigned coverage plan

§  Developed and communicated personalized  sales plans

§  Educated key decision makers on product offerings and impact on area demographics

§  Utilized coverage plan to meet and exceed call coverage expectations for customers

§  Executed business plans through fact-based selling techniques and displaying an ability to “close deals” with customers

§  Established and maintain weekly estimates and budgets.

§  Grew base sales through maximizing distribution, share of shelf, and selling incremental displays

Aug 2006 - Jan 2007

Office Manager/ Sales




Garage Band

Audio editing

Adobe InDesign

Adobe Ilustrator



Adobe Photoshop

Microsoft Office

MIcrosoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, Access


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