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Neshoba central high school

I did not finish school I completed up to the 8th grade and had my first child 

Work History


Philadelphia House Of Pancakes

Head Server/Cashier

This was my first job. I was very good at it as well, I'm very polite, and get alone with other people/coworkers very well. What I had to do on this job is sit people, take there orders then bring there food to there table when it was ready then just made sure they had no problems throughout there meal, I also worked the cashregester when they got finished eating I added there meal on a ticket and cashed them out and cleaned up whatever needed. 


Housekeeping /Child care

As my second job I took care of children and cleaned their homes I'm very well with kids 


Head Server/Cashier

If I had a good day and stayed on my feet making sure I was fast enough getting food out before it was cold I would get left tips from my customers that I got to keep in my pocket other wise I made 2.25/ Hour 

Housekeeping/Child Care

I'm already good with children because of the two of my own but if I get the job done (house cleaned and kids clean)  I'll always be back the next time .

Text section

I'm 20 years old I was born June 22 1996 I haven't done much but I'm willing to do whatever I may have to to do better for myself and my family if I get the chance to show you how hard of a worker I can be you want regret it. 


I have worked with cash registers, food,  and people throughout my careers . I was a head waitress ,and cashier from March /2014 -August /2016. I sat customers, then took their orders when ready after the meal was finish cooking I took it to there tables, and made sure they did fine throughout their meal, when they finished I would add their meal to there ticket and cash them out. Housekeeping- I made sure that I had all surplice that was needed for cleaning (Bleach ,pin saw, mop, brum, gloves,  spong)  and etc.  Then I would go by a list making sure everything was clean wail watching children then when I was finished I would feed and bath the kids and have them ready for bed on time.