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As a short term goal following graduation it would be a blessing to find a job in my field of study to gain experience before I take the Dietetic Technician Register Exam. My long term goal is to be accepted for an internship within five years after graduation. Following that I would like to take the Registered Dietician Exam and become registered in my profession. As I begin this new chapter in my life the opportunities I see ahead of me are endless.

Work Philosophy

My belief is that proper nutrition starts at birth and is a habit that parents should instill in their children throughout their childhood. With the growing rate of obesity, my hope is to teach children at a young age how to live healthier lifestyles to decrease the rate of preventable deaths in the United States. Through my education in the nutrition field and willpower to help others, my personal goal is to make my own mark in society to change the health of America.


Kori Tetkoski is scheduled to graduate from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania in the Fall of 2011. At this time she will take on a new path in the field of dietetics and nutrition. Kori's strong interest in health and wellness began at an early age when she competed as a gymnast. She goes on to share that during high school, while enrolled in a food and nutrition class, she was asked to learn the effects vitamins and minerals have on your body and it's nutritient requirments. Kori feels that with her personal background and new career as a dietician she can make a major difference in the overall health status of others. She is excited to explore the various directions she can encounter in the diverse field of dietetics and nutrition.

Kori feels that obesity an epidemic in our country and one of the leading causes of preventable death in the Unites States. She hopes to make an impact on the lives of children at a young age by educating them on a healthy lifestyle to improve the health of the future. Lastly, Kori hopes to share her knowledge and passion she has on living healthy to make a difference in the world and help others live a happier, healthier and longer life.



Work experience

Nov 2005Present

Assistant Manager

Coffee Bean Cafe
  • Deliver exceptional customer experience
  • Manage inventor,y purchasing and control
  • Train new staff and delegates tasks
  • Initiate policy change to increase sales and improve customer experience

Contact: Dale Personett, Owner (724)-539-1594

May 2004Present


Willow Tree Gymnastics
  • Organize and supervise daily practice sessions
  • Develop creative drills for various age groups
  • Provide discipline through motivation and encouragement
  • Role model of life skills to set example for gymnasts

Contact: Ruth Limani, Owner (724)-539-0899



May 2009Dec 2011

Bachelor of Science

Indiana University of Pennsylvania
May 2008May 2009

Westmoreland County Community College
Aug 2006May 2008

Seton Hill University


Work Ethic
Throughout my life I have held multiple part-time jobs in various fields of interest. My motivated and responsible ethic has lead me to have solid jobs for the past seven years. In this time, I have been able to hold two jobs and also study as a full-time student.  
While working in the public I have gained plenty of experience improving my communication skills. My qualities in this skill are focused around my ability to listen to others and respond effectively to questions and concerns. While working as a coach I have been able to communicate personal and athletic concerns with parents of gymnasts in my classes. During my time in the food service industry I have gained skills working with the everyday citizen as I build relationships with my closest repeat customers.  
My job as a gymnastic coach has given me the appropriate skills to carry over into my career as a nutrition counselor. As a coach many of the basic principles of teaching are used to share skills and knowledge from the education of the teacher. During my Methods of Teaching and Nutrition Counseling course I gained specific skills to educate the public on wellness and nutrition.
I have worked as a barista at the Coffee Bean Cafe for 6 years and developed customer service skills and moved up my status as an assistant manager at the cafe. I am in charge of inventory and purchasing control, training new staff and delegating tasks.   I have taken management courses throughout my studies that will be helpful in the field of management of any type of facility. I also did an internship at ARAMARK my senior year where i worked on marketing and managing various events.