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To secure a position and or contract utilizing my management, work ethic, and communication skills while also enhancing my technical skills and contributing to the growth of a overall company and or organization.


Work experience

Nov 2009Jul 2012

Plumbing Helper

  1. Helped to install, repair, and maintain pipes, and water lines used in water distribution and waste water disposal
  2. was taught to over look to ensure legislation and policies meet all codes for safety standards
  3. cut openings in preparation for pipes
  4. select all materials needed for installation, including type and size of pipe
  5. assemble and install  valves
  6. measure, cut, thread, and bend pipe to required angle
  7. assemble pipe sections: tubing and fittings, using clamps, couplings, screws, bolts, caulking or soldering, cement, plastic solvent, brazing and welding equipment
  8. install sinks, toilets, tubs, air conditioners, water heaters, and appliances
  9. observe pressure gauges and testing pipe systems to fix leaks
  10. repair and maintain water treatment equipment
  11. perform scheduled maintenance
  12. ensure all installations, repairs, and maintenances are properly sized, aligned and supported
Aug 2012May 2015

Independent Contractor, Private Package & Labeling

Even Cut Abrasive Company

Private Label program: Non-woven & sanding belts;

  1. efficiently manage time to meet project deadline
  2. packaged 100 white small boxes of 10 bundles of 5 sanding belts in a box with a label on the side, sealing the small box
  3. place the small boxes in the shipping box
  4. seal the box with shipping tape
  5. then place a large company product label on the top left hand corner of the  large shipping box
  6. Return Boxes to Company for Shipping
Nov 2013Present

Cashier, Customer Service Clerk, Produce Clerk, Produce Assistant Manager

Dave's Supermarket
  1. Cashier:I count the cash in my cash drawer at the beginning of the shift to ensure the amount is correct and that there is adequate change
  2. operate scale and scanner equipment for fresh produce
  3. Receive  payment by cash, credit card, check, voucher, or debit transaction
  4. and issue a receipt, refund, credit, or change due to the customer.                                                                                                           
  5. Customer Service Clerk: processing Western Union transactions as Western Union operator with user I.D. and password
  6. following all safety identification protocols
  7. issuing  refunds
  8. trouble shooting operating systems
  9. operating, maintaining and issuing receipts for money order's
  10. operating, maintaining and issuing receipts and cash rewards for lottery tickets
  11. assist with counting all cashier cash drawers to ensure all draw  amounts are correct and change is adequate
  12. answer and transfer calls
  13. resolve customer complaints
  14. assist in placing orders, refunds or exchanges.                                                                                                                                               
  15. Produce Clerk: ensure and maintain product freshness
  16. restock selves and displays
  17. unload trucks; operating a pallet jack
  18. breaking down pallets of produce and separating from sales floor, cooler, and prep room
  19. assist customers with finding products
  20. rotating product
  21. blocking the department shelves
  22. wrapping fresh produce for cold displays
  23. Ordering and facilitating produce
  24. Setting new displays and doing price changes for signs
  25. ordering flowers and floral supplies                                                                                                                                      

Cleveland Botanical Gardens

May 2006Sept. 2010

Urban Agriculturalist, Assistant Site Manager

Green Corps Study Program

  1. Part-time Seasonal program for local teens teaching valuable job, leadership and professional communication skills with public farmer's markets
  2. teaching life-skills like participating in the annual Freshtoberfest cook-off and end- of- the- season career day
  3. teaching community engagement through local partnerships, farm tours, community plots, educational opportunities, and public speaking's
  4. Conducted research on planting agricultural crops, and their growth in industrial soil 
  5. maintaining crop maintenance and pest control
  6. researching the physical, biological, and mineralogical composition of plant species
  7. ensured projects were completed on time