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Teachers and friends have long described me as a reasonable, optimistic, sociable, earnest, and trustworthy person. I am very interested in the travel or publishing industry with opportnities for personal and professional growth.

I would like to continue developing my language skills and writting skills for publishing industry.

My career objective is to create a travel magazine in the future connected East Asia and Pacific islands.

I want many people to go travel by my travel magazine.

Work experience

Okinawa monorail

I am working at monorail as a station staff.

I guide to tourist spot and some shop for tourist. I also guide for foreing country people in English.

I can contact with many tourist at this work. So I am interested in travel industry by this experience.


Apr 2010Present


Okinawa Christian University

I major in English Communication. I also study about Economics and Volunteer

I got a qualification of English and business.