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Work experience

Oct 2008Present

Web developer


- Development and support of Perl code of one of the company's major e-commerce projects.

- Experience with SyBase RDBMS.

- Experience with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, development of site skinning system.

- Developing using Java language for one of the company's new projects. SCJP certification.

- Experience with variety of revision management systems: CVS, SVN, git.

Jul 2005Oct 2008

Web Developer, Team Lead

MailRu Inc

- Leaded team of Perl developers working on (social network) and (blogging service).

- Designed architecture and developed implementation of social network: (more than 1.5 million visitors and over 50 million hits per day) and blogs Internet site: (more than 250 000 visitors and over 1.5 million hits per day).

- Designed architecture and developed implementation of OpenSocial platform for social network and wrote applications for it.

- Developed and supported Perl code of free Email service and various others company's projects including photo storage, video storage, instant messenger

involved multiply MySQL installations as independent data storages and MySQL replications for backup, high availability and processing long running queries.

- Designed and co-designed data structures for MySQL-based databases with different storage engines (MyISAM, Innodb) for several company's projects.

- Experience with JavaScript and AJAX. Developed Perl module which allows to make AJAX calls using JSON serialization. Experience with prototype framework.

- Experience using Apache/mod_perl, including rewriting some of its code for better performance.

- Had experience in developing and debugging XS modules and other code in C programming language.

- Experience with tools: make, gcc, gdb, autoconf, CVS.

Jul 2003May 2005

Software Developer

Centel Inc

- Used Perl as main programming language.

- Designed architecture and developed implementation of Billing system with web-based user interface and MySQL as database. System used several independent installations for better reliability and scalability and SOAP protocol to aggregate data from these installations.

- Developed modules for integration with other information systems: GIS, Service Desk, Accounting system and several payment systems. Integration protocols included SOAP and automated email messages exchange.

- Developed modules for provisioning network services to clients and controlling network equipment using SNMP and Telnet protocols and Linux-based routers.

- Billing system administration, including MySQL administration.

- Installed and administrated Linux-based servers and services including Linux-based firewall (iptables, ipset), Linux-based traffic shaper, DNS (named), Email (qmail with vpopmail), web (Apache) and ftp (proftpd) servers.

- Took part in developing architecture of company's network. Had experience with Cisco and D-Link network equipment.


Sep 1999Feb 2005


Moscow State Institute of Radiotechnics, Electronics and Automatics




- 7 years of commercial Perl development.

- Experience with Object Oriented Perl, variety of CPAN modules: DBI, Template, HTML::Template, SOAP::Lite, SNMP and others. Knowledge of mod_perl.

- Knowledge of Google APIs including OpenSocial and Google Maps.

- More than 4 years of MySQL experience including several storage engines, differences between versions, performance tuning, replication and specifics in queries optimisations. Experience with other DBMS includes Oracle, Postgres, SyBase.

- Experience developing highly available and scalable systems.

- Knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript (including AJAX), PHP.

- Experience developing application using Java language. SCJP certificate.

- Linux administration experience includes DNS, MySQL, email, web and ftp servers, knowledge of Linux firewall and traffic shaper, shell scripting.

- Experience with variety of revision management systems: CVS, SVN, git.


Position with challenging tasks, utilizing my skills and giving opportunity to learn new technologies. Preferably involving software development using Perl, Java and Javascript.


May 2009Present