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As the son of legendary drumming icon Ginger Baker, Kofi Baker has a name that’s synonymous with drumming excellence. And Kofi lives up to his name; with his outstanding skills, drive, and dedication he continues the great Baker legacy. Kofi's first live performance was with his father on the UK television show "The Old Grey Whistle Test" - at just six years of age he proved he had inherited more than just his fathers name.

In the early 80's, Kofi and his father played drum duets throughout Europe, amazing audiences with complex African polyrhythms. Later, Kofi toured with John Ethridge (Soft Machine), and gigged in London with Steve Waller (Manfred Mann), and with Randy California (Spirit). He also toured Europe with Steve Marriot's Humble Pie.

During the 1990's Kofi toured with Jack Bruce in Budapest; signed with Scotty Brothers Records when he recorded the album Lost City; recorded Abstract Logic with Jonas Hellborg and Shawn Lane; and toured extensivley - including more drum duets with Ginger Baker.

Kofi is now living in Orange, CA. Kofi Baker's Cream Experience is his latest inspiration - a powerful trio that rivals that of Cream.

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Kofi Baker

One of Kofi's projects is Kofi Baker's Cream Experience which musically brings back & up to the present what his dad's & godfather's band "Cream" & "Blind Faith" brought to the music world and to music fans world wide.

After seeing the Cream reunion in 2005, Kofi was inspired to start his own band - he wanted to continue where Cream, and his father, had left off. Kofi’s band is a new fresh retrospective & Cream era experience: combining Cream's & Blind Faith's innovative and experimental style with virtuoso talent.  The band has toured throughout the U.S. & Europe. New tours are being planned for 2013.

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Kofi Baker