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Kodi A. maki

"Whatever you are, be the best one!" - Abraham Lincoln


I am Kodi Maki, and welcome to my ePortfolio. Here you will find my achievements, goals and past experiences in my life. Feel free to look through this ePortfolio, and please enjoy!

Mission, Vision and value statements


  • I am a humble, and selfless person who seeks loyalty, and respect. Through honesty, and integrity, as well as my hands on abilities, I seek to serve my community in the best way I can.


  • I live my life according to my religious beliefs, I will never do anything I know to be wrong, and I always try to put everyone else’s needs, and concerns above my own.


  • I am honest, loyal, and true. I know what is right, and what is wrong. I am always trying to be the best person I can be, not only for myself, but for everyone.


Personal goals: I am married to the woman of my dreams, and I need to be able to give my future family the life they deserve, and it has always been my dream to always be there for them.

I want to continue excelling in my music and release another guitar album by January 1, 2020.

I want to be able to help my mother and father accomplish their goals.

Educational: I want to graduate from the Criminal Justice-Policing Diploma program and receive my diploma by April 2016.

I want to continue to receive education in the policing field and learn things I would never be able to learn in a classroom.

Professional: I want to gain employment in the public safety field and serve the community in which I live.

After retirement I would like to open a hobby shop, and continue to build, and fly radio controlled planes, drones, and helicopters.

Work experience

Apr 2015Present

Traffic Control Laborer, flagger

Tollestrup Construction LTD.
  • Repaired Barricades, by sanding, repainting, and replacing the reflective tape
  • Controlled traffic as a flagger on Lethbridge's busiest roadways (University Drive, Columbia Blvd, Scenic Drive, Mayor Magrath Drive)
  • Helped other workers increase their effectiveness through encouragement
  • Gained a knowledge of roadways, machinery, truck tractors, and other commercial vehicles. 
Jun 2014Aug 2014

Labor Foreman

Rocky Ridge Landscaping
  • Supervised the work of employees
  • Worked well in high pressure circumstances
  • Developed a knowledge of plants
Apr 2014Jun 2014


Drawing From Nature Landscapes
  • Developed a knowledge of irrigation systems
  • Maintained a strong working relationship with other employees

Jun 2013Apr 2014


Café Verde Mexican Grill
  • Developed rapport with customers and employees
  • Maintained strong work ethic

Apr 2011Apr 2013


Florida Fort Lauderdale/Miami Spanish Mission
  • Taught people of the Spanish culture about the gospel of Jesus Christ

  • Developed strong bilingual communication skills
  • Maintained a professional appearance every day for two years


Sep 2014April 2016

Criminal Justice-Policing

Lethbridge College - School of Justice Studies
  • Learning the correct application of Canadian Law
  • Developing strong writing skills
  • Developing strong communication skills
Jun 2010

HS Diploma

Stirling High School

Stirling High School graduate


  • I can speak, read, and write fluently in both English, and Spanish
Detail Oriented
  • I work well with my hands
  • Everything I do by hand has to be perfect in my eyes
Work well under pressure
  • I do not break under pressure, but take the opportunity to reflect on how I could do the job better
Customer service
  • I have developed a strong ability to help those in need
  • I have devoted my life to one of service
  • If I am in a leadership position, I do not get haughty or let it go to my head
  • Having great communications skills allows me to be able to instruct and educate those of both the English and Spanish cultures
  • I strive to always tell the truth, even if it gets me in trouble
  • I have no problem telling someone of higher ranking than myself what is going on in the workplace, no matter who I am telling on
  • I always strive to be the best person that I can be, not only for myself, but for all those around me
Communication skills
  • I am comfortable speaking to a group, large or small, and have no problems with "stage freight"