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A versatile Information Technology professional with over 10 years of comprehensive experience in software development, application development support, software quality assurance, system administration, and database administration. Real-world experience in:

  • Ruby-On-Rails System Administration
  • IT Infrastructure Management
  • Multi-platform System Administration
  • Database Administration in Oracle and PostgreSQL
  • Software Development with Java/JSP, C/C++, .NET, and SNAP Technologies

Work experience

Aug 2009Present

Senior Software Engineer

Jan 2008Jun 2009

Lead System Administrator / IT Manager

Manage IT infrastructure for our enterprise-class Web 2.0 production suite based on Ruby-on-Rails technology. Responsible for internal IT operations including networking, security, IP phone system, and computer support.

  • Coordinate with QA team on build management and release migration procedures including implementation of scripts to automate related activities.
  • Designed and implemented redundancy, replication, and disaster recovery for production architecture
  • Administer Linux systems in a production environment implementing DNS, DHCP, NFS, clustered SAN, SSL certificate management, Apache 2 administration, firewall configurations, intrusion detection, auditing, load balancing, clustering, etc.
  • Manage Amazon S3 and EC2 accounts.
  • Designed and implement corporate and production system email service implementing verification techniques such as SPF, DK/DKIM, SenderID, reverse DNS, loopback.
  • Manage vendor and hosting provider SLA, equipment procurement
  • Administered PostgreSQL database system

  • Oversee internal IT support in an Mac/PC environment
Jan 2003Jan 2008

Software Developer

  • Designed and implemented a project-tracking working-flow system using .NET technology.
  • Worked on a Java/JSP web application for automating processes in a large US auto manufacturing company 
  • Implemented a framework for converting ASP code to JSP
  • Fixed software defects in SNAP product
Jan 2003Jan 2008

System Administrator / Oracle DBA

  • Managed a multi-platform network facilitating interaction between multiple flavors of UNIX/Linux and Windows machines.

  • Installed and configured applications on all machines for shared network access

  • Secured network against intrusion by malicious users.

  • Secured transfer of information to key customers including federal government agencies and key telecommunication companies globally.

  • Provided secure access for remote use of company’s local network resources.

  • Maintained the development history of all company products

  • Managed custom development practices and procedures

  • Maintained and manage databases for corporate development activities

  • Designed and implemented databases models for commercial software products including some products used by a Fortune 100 company.

  • Administered database for development activities including PL/SQL development, activity monitoring, performance tuning, backup/restoration, and user/security management.

Jan 1999Jan 2003

Application Support Engineer

  • Provided technical advice on how to implement solutions using SNAP products.
  • Designed workarounds to meet customers’ needs when fixes were not immediately available.
  • Recorded and verified user reported bugs.
  • Conducted training for new employees and users of company products.
  • Designed and implemented test cases for evaluating product quality.
  • Tested product functionality, reporting errors, and suggesting improvements.
  • Performed regression tests for products.
Jan 2002Jan 2003

Quality Assurance Engineer

  • Designed and implemented test cases for evaluating product quality.
  • Tested product functionality, reporting errors, and suggesting improvements.
  • Performed regression tests for products.


Ruby-On-Rails System Administration
Linux/Unix System Administration

Some Recently Managed Technology