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Courses Taught

Advanced Placement Economics

This course offers is the equivalent of an entry college level course in both Micro and Macroeconomics. It explores the nature

of market, competition, the governments role in an economy, and different economics systems. In concludes with an AP Exam.

Consumer Economics

Offers an basic survey of economic theory and practice while emphasizing the practical financial skills required for life including savings, investing, credit, labor, and taxes.

Global History and Geography I and II

New York State's mandatory 9th-10th grade survey offering a comprehensive review of world history from the Neolithic period to the present.  Global II concludes with the New York State Regents Exam.

Hispanic Studies

Takes a introductory look at the history, culture, language, music, geography, demographics, art, and future of the Hispanic peoples.

Educational Philosophy

My belief is that all children have the potential to learn. By using a constructiivist approach filled with strong anchors, experiential learning, and student centered lessons teachers have the potential to offer any child and meaningful, constructive, and even fun learning experience.  Furthermore, I believe technology plays an integral role in ensuring a quality education.  It offers access to resources that would have been accessible prior and greatly democratizes education.  Technology must be integrated into our classroom.  


Michele Bond


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University of Albany
May 2003Aug 2007

MS. Ed.

Long Island University
Sep 2001Dec 2006


City College
Sep 1997May 2001


Grove City College

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School District Administrator

New York

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Permanent Certification, Social Studies, K-12

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