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I'm a Freelance Writer and Digital Artist who focuses on 3D modelling, Website Layout, Animation and Matte Painting.

Work experience


Creative Director

Forward Notion

Project aesthetics, layout and design are my main responsibilities.  I also oversee the storyboards that illustrate the direction a particular animation or short film are going.


Animator and Editor

Maverick Attitudes

Storyboard artist and principle animation and editing for the animated parts of an upcoming film known as Windu Jahawi.  

Script Editor for the V.O(voice-over).


Web Designer

Mkenya Backpackers

Web design and layout for the Karen camping club, Mkenya Backpackers.


3D modeller and Footage Compositer

Mwara 3D Design

Building models and props along with architectural visualization for an architectural firm in South Africa. The project was a visual representation of a housing estate.


Graphic Designer

Windsor Country Club

Redesign of Windsor's logo.


Project Manager

Sadili Oval

Project Manager for the Sadili Oval Open Tennis Championship.

In tandem with an amazing group of people we put together an event that the children of Kibera will remember forever.


Mar 2010Dec 2013

Bachelors Degree in Animation and Film

Multimedia University

Diploma in 3D Animation, 3D modelling, Film Composition and Music Production

Shang Tao College


3D Modelling

Modelling an abstract or every day object and recreating it in 3D.

3D Rigging

Taking a form-following object and creating a system of controls to enable said object to be animated.

3D Animation

Taking a properly rigged 3D model and bringing it to life.

Script Writing

Focus on adapting scripts to animation and film.


Focus on Portrait Photography with a touch of landscape capture.

Matte Painting

Digital Painting using Sai and Photoshop.

Website Layout

Optimal website design and Item layout.