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This resume is respectfully submitted for consideration of any position with T.J.Maxx that is deemed suitable by the hiring manager.

My Proposal

I have completed my MBA through a unique self-taught distance education program, with no formal business education background.  I worked at a small private elementary school part-time as I progressed through my full-time courseload, preferring to stay employed throughout my schooling so as to have access to business professionals, make local contacts, and to keep occupied.  I also work in the front office at the seasonal family business four days per week in the summer but feel I need to be busier with a complementary off-season position that will keep me both occupied and connected.  I have been performing customer service duties for many years in various industries and am comfortable with any office duty.  My first choice for part-time employment is with T.J.Maxx, because finding a great deal on a top-quality item is a thrill.

While I would enjoy a managerial position that would allow me to use the education I have gained through my MBA courses, I understand that my position with the seasonal family business likely precludes that possibility in anything other than another seasonal business.  I am flexible in the number of hours I am available for work, and am open to anything from consistent seasonal holiday or winter work to part-time hours throughout the year.  I appreciate your consideration for any position you may deem suitable, and look forward to discussing shifts and responsibilities with you.  I do not currently work Fridays or weekends, so I am available these days and weekday evenings for a meeting.


Greg Karney

E-mail may be better form of contact.

I have only known Mr. Karney a few years, but he is familiar with my work ethic and performance.

Jason Adkins

Please note Eastern time for phone contact.  Both methods of contact are equally reliable.

Mr. Adkins is another long-time contact I worked with on my first ship.  We both worked with Mr. Hernandez and Ms. Muller in different capacities.

Michael Miller

East coast work phone number, please allow for time difference and early office hours.

CDR Miller was my last long-term military department head.

Shelly Matthews

Supervisor for three years of office work while progressing through MBA courses.

Nancy Muller

E-mail may be best way to contact as Senior Chief Muller is in the process of retiring.

Senior Chief Muller was my work center supervisor and senior enlisted advisor during my hospital corpsman time onboard USS Land.

Tony Hernandez

East coast mobile phone.

Mr. Hernandez was my supervisor/trainer for firefighting training and mentored me on my first Navy ship.

Work experience

Jul 2009Present

Office Assistant

Blackwell Island RV Park

On a daily basis, I set and edit boat and site reservations and optimize site use, perform various guest services including concierge and referral assistance, answer webmail, and help maintain the front building areas and office/store stock.  As I am in the office more days than anyone else, I provide continuity for getting problems noticed and solved.  My responsibilities will expand to facility upgrading and reservation setting over the off-season, but these tasks require very little time.  Our season is April 1st through October 15th annually.

2007May 2010

Office Assistant

Lutheran Academy of the Master

I was the full-time office representative at this private school that serves 139 students between preschool and fifth grade.  I was hired as a part-time assistant and by my second year moved into the full-time lead role, then was designated as the "office manager".  I am known for my professionalism, time-management, and ability to get things done and cover all the bases.  I performed typical front office duties including handling phone calls and immediate requests.  I maintained the office equipment and supply levels for various activities, as well as rendered technical and other assistance to co-workers.  I was responsible for compiling and disseminating the weekly information packet via hard copy and e-mail, and answering all pertinent questions.  I prepared weekly staff meeting agendas and took notes, maintained various databases, conducted research for special projects, and ensured licensure and other requirements were met in a timely fashion for both staff and facility.  I updated annual registration and policy documents, processed new registrants, collected payments, served on the long-rang planning committee and compiled meeting minutes.  I worked with minimal supervision and strove to expand my role into other areas.


Second Class Petty Officer

United States Navy

I operated, maintained, and repaired weapons systems computer interfaces, which required intensive training and a secret clearance.  Initially placed in charge of a workcenter of eight technicians, I advanced to the administrative position for a 30+ person division.  Finally, I requested to be moved into a more demanding role in the training department where I scheduled and coordinated command indoctrination, maintained library services, and assisted college instructors during deployment.  I ensured training requirements for the 350 person crew were maintained by sending appropriate personnel to the proper schools in a timely manner.  Duty requirements included ensuring safety of pier, vessel, personnel and equipment both in port and underway in a leadership position.  I also served on and trained others for all three of the ship’s firefighting teams.  During this high-energy part of my work history I was exposed to many different leadership styles and was able to cultivate my own effective style from the best examples.


Customer service positions

Three small businesses

While assessing the career opportunities available to me I held positions of increasing responsibility in three small businesses.  The first of these was as accounts receivable, bookkeeping, and payment processing assistant at a family-owned sign business.  Promotion in this company was not possible.

My second position was with a larger company as a service department member, receiving and processing service requests at a nation-wide garage door company.  Again, the promotion prospects were grim without specialization.  During my final interim job I started as a sales associate at an established watch sales kiosk, moving to a new location as Assistant Manager of a five-person crew within months.  I sold and performed minor repairs on watches and processed items for larger repairs.  While there was better potential for upward mobility I did not like the quality of the product and thus could not stand behind it.  These positions were all beneficial in their own ways as I had the opportunity to see many different facets of the business world from three different industries.  They also made me realize that I needed to further my education, and I decided that re-entering the military would allow me to do that while also providing me the opportunity to expand my leadership experience with a wide variety of people.


Petty Officer Third Class

United States Navy

I enlisted in the Navy before graduating from high school.  I was college material, but due to circumstances at the time I felt that the military was a sound choice.  I graduated with honors from each school I attended, volunteered for colorguard at four different commands.  After my initial training I was honored to be requested by a high-skills hospital ward, which is unusual for a first working tour.  Upon transfer my duties consisted of assessing and treating patients in daily sick-call and in hospital setting, maintaining medical records for a 1,500 person crew, teaching CPR instructors, scheduling appointments with other care providers, and maintaining the entire ship's emergency medical boxes.  As my enlistment came to an end I was working in the Legal Department of a major hospital facility and while there brought the 60-volume publications library up to date.


Jul 2007Jun 2009


Western Governors University

This fully accredited online institution utilizes a unique and challenging competency based system to ensure mastery of the skills and knowledge pertinent in today's business environment.  Completion of this program proves a graduate is able not only to push themselves and manage their time efficiently, but also research and study areas that are foreign and effectively master these new subject areas on their own.


Bachelor of Science

Colorado State University - Pueblo

I began working on this paper-based distance study program part-time while I was still active duty military, completing it shortly after relocating across the country.


Associate in Art

I attended this school through distance while active duty military.  Between a few local community college courses, CLEP exams, and military credits, I graduated quickly while still working on military training and advancement requirements.

Honors and Awards