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Sep 2008Present

Bachelor of Engineering

Sun Yat-Sen University

Major in Software Engineering (Computer Application Software track)

Average Point: 91.0/100 (Ranking 1/90 in class)

Math Courses: Advanced Mathematics, Linear Algebra, Discrete Mathematics, Probability Statistics 

Major Foundation Courses: Computer Architecture,Data Structures, Operation System

Web & Security Courses: Computer Network, Information Security, Trust Computing


Mr.Kuang (KnGine, 匡建) is a 4th year undergraduate of the School of Software, Sun Yat-Sen Univesity at present.

His supervisor is Prof. WuShao WEN.

He is a dilligent learner and active researcher. 

His research interests include Web Security, Cloud Computing and Wireless Network,

he is very willing to cooperate with others in these aeras and related fields.

Honors& Award

2011, Guangzhou, National Motivational Scholarship

2011, Guangzhou, Outstanding winner of SYSU Network Engineering Competition

2011, 2010, 2009, Guangzhou, SYSU First Class Scholarship(3 times)

2010, Guangzhou, Third Class winner of the SYSU Programming Competition

2009, Guangzhou, First class Winner of the SYSU Beginners' Programming Competition

2009, Guangzhou, National Scholarship