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Jacob D. Matuska

Work experience


Altoona, PA

Fast food, cooking, cleaning, and service to customers.


Ebensburg, PA

Making subs and sandwiches and running the cash register.


Duncansville, PA

Stocking and shipping in the warehouse.

North American Communications

Duncansville, PA

Machinist in the factory.

Drexel Dining

Camp Hill, PA

Catering at parties and get togethers.


Washington, PA

Cutting grass, trimming trees, and making the land look presentable.

Long John Silvers

Erie, PA

Cooking, cleaning, and service to customers.




Cambria Heights High School


I am well motivated and willing to work hard for any company willing to give me a chance.  While my work experience is nothing fascinating, I do want to say that I have a lot of heart and am very teachable.  My honest dedication to your company and complete service to the job at hand will make up for my lack of experience.  I am willing to learn new things and surely able to follow the rules and regulations of whatever job I am assigned.

I want to go back to school soon to pursue a career in the field of psychology, but for now I am looking for an income so I can save some money.

My strengths are endurance, speed, smarts, and I am a good listener.

My weakness may be that I tend to be a perfectionist.  I am working on this.


To obtain a job that will benefit from my services and that I too can benefit from.


John Kennedy:  814-943-3914   (restaurant manager at KFC)

Carol McGary:  814-674-5784   (friend)