Larry Kilham

Larry Kilham comes from a family with over 120 patents. As a serial entrepreneur he has founded and sold three companies in plastics machinery, polymer chemical quality analyzers, and gas detection instrumentation. He is a holder or co-holder of three patents and was jointly awarded the IR-100 award in 1986 (one of the 100 most significant technical products in the USA) for a new system for detecting defects in polymer manufacturing.

Kilham’s diverse experiences and eclectic solutions have given him a pragmatic approach to innovation and invention: ·Some of his early ideas on the process of inventing come from his three years as a systems engineer for Arthur D. Little, Inc on a highly classified Navy world-wide sonar surveillance project. His group studied the invention process in military systems design. ·Kilham possesses an acute understanding of the inventor’s mindset based on helping clients with their inventions, patents, and commercialization when he served in Arthur D. Little’s invention management practice. ·As an entrepreneur and founder of three different companies, and consultant to over 35 companies, Kilham understands the importance of innovation for an organization’s development, growth, and bottom line. ·Throughout his youth andadulthood, Kilham had extensive conversations with his father and grandfather about the invention and company-building process for their invention-based companies in metal bending machinery, bird feeders, and oil burners. Larry Kilham has published dozens of articles reporting on his technical research in technical journals  and has published over 100 articles about creativity and invention in professional magazines. He is a member of IOA (International Ozone Association) and ACS (American Chemical Society).  Kilham has a bachelor's degree in engineering physics from the University of Colorado and a master's degree in management from MIT. Currently he is a corporate director and is involved with several Santa Fe institutes focused on creativity and complexity.