Kurt Motogawa

Work experience

Work experience

Asst Controller

Dele's, Inc
2003 - Present

President and CFO

Kids at Play Photography
2008 - Present

Interim CFO/COO

Stealth Hospitality Startup

FAS123R, Quickbooks to ERP conversion, deal management, GL and audit management, control setup, Treasury setup, AR collections, Investor communication and Board prep, operational policy definition. Round A plus operational development

2006 - 2008

Vice President Finance

Hitachi Data Systems
  • Business Mgmt Framework Revamp: metrics, scorecards, planning, alignment
  • HC mgmt process revamp and education (cost per HC and workforce plan)
  • 3rd party tiered support
  • Revamp Professional Services operational strategy and rev rec policies
  • Latin America return to profitability in 5 months after 6 years of unprofitability
  • AR and Collections operational reset
  • Risk Management
  • People development programs
  • SOX compliance, VSOE, $B Deal management
  • Info Mgmt
  • Finance reorg to increase scalability and reduce volume risk

Global Sr Director - Global Finance, IT, Operations, & Strategy - WW Consumer

Hewlett-Packard Co
  • Best Practice Sarbanes Oxley 404
  • Best in class Information Mgmt Solution
  • Executive Business Sponsor for HP Global Business Intelligence
  • 40% reduction in HC and increase 2x in activities
  • Consumer Go To Market services revamp (channel incentives, information sharing, reporting, planning, and alignment)
  • Total warranty, quality, field, financial, and customer experience ops for Consumer PCs and all Imaging and Printing

Global Sr Director - Finance, Admin, IT - Imaging and Printing Operations

  • Hosted HP-wide, Partner Fund management of several $B
  • Compaq integration office for consumer operations
  • 45% CAGR on low end consumer services model via revamped partner funding and low cost delivery and infrastructure

Global Controller - WW Consumer Relationship Mgmt

  • All Consumer touchpoints
  • Supply chain management linked to customer experience processes and touch points
  • E-business models: bounty, ad sharing, fees with 3rd party web properties (AOL and Yahoo)
  • Creation and funding of $85M VC fund with operational framework. Reduction via consolidation, leverage, and elimination
  • Finance and operations oversight on consumer web properties and e-commerce
  • Shifted cost envelope of customer support to customer intimacy and trade up programs
  • Low cost delivery of call centers via outsourcing and optimization with 40% reduction on cost per call
  • Low cost repair optimization and strategy implementation with $80M annual savings, on-going
  • Joint venture e-commerce with Softbank in one month
  • 45 pt margin increase in Consumer Services within 12 months
  • Integrated in-bound channel logistics with strateges that reduced spend rate at $35M annually
  • Integrated warranty accruals for 12 PLs resulting in 80M one time reduction, increased accuracy, reduced variability, linked to Cost to Serve, audit ready

NA Controller - Consumer Products Bus Org

  • Implementation of first Consumer Sales Force, finance, accounting, and sales administration
  • Investment and $20M fund raising for first e-commerce implementation, CRM infrastructure
  • Distribution hub redesign with retail accounts
  • Channel Marketing envelope optimization (>20% spend leverage increase)
  • Account team support to optimize soft funds, logistics, and partner profitability
  • 35% CAGR on multi-billion$ portfolio. Scalable infrastructure.
  • HP Cost to Serve Sponsor (customer and partner P&Ls and cost per metrics)

Global Controller - Inkjet and Printing Marketing

  • Field and Group Marketing revamp to enable more efficient Marketing Cost Envelope planning, control, spending, returns, and accountability on channel programs. 0.6B$ optimization envelope.
  • 25% to 45% growth rates on Multi-billion$ run rate. Corrresponding margin growth.

Global Finance & Admin Mgr - Global Services & Support

  • Global Financial Planning and Reporting - Services
  • Group business support: Real Estate, Field Ops, IT, R&D, Marketing, Order Mgmt, Finance, Info Mgmt
  • Corporate FP&A liaison for systems, policies, and process reengineering

Marketing & Business Consultant - Global Services & Support

  • Segmented Sales model and Marketing strategies
  • Creation of first Services Sales Force
  • R&D support
  • Operations and Logistics
1992 - 1994

Business Consultant - Global Services & Support

  • 3 Year Business Strategy for Global Services & HP
  • First ever customer and channel segmentation roadmap
  • Operations segmentation and implementation plan
  • Marketing & Sales: Global Accounts, Contract penetration, channel partner mgmt, pricing, customer reporting
  • Finance & Operations: information mgmt, IT rationalization, reporting streamlining, facilities, R&D support
1989 - 1992

Lead Financial Analyst- Enterprise Financial Reporting

  • Lead for Global Planning & Reporting
  • Board of Director, Treasury, and Investor Relations prep
  • Global reporting system implementation owner
1984 - 1989


KMM, Inc, dba ProBytes
  • PC Integrator & Reseller
  • Customized PC manufacturing build & support
  • Small business consulting (Strategy, Financing, Marketing, Operations, Systems, Accounting, Cash Flow mgmt)
1987 - 1988

Tax and Consulting


Tax Specialist

Coopers & Lybrand
1983 - 1984

Staff Auditor

Clay & Co, CPAs



Six Sigma



University of Texas at Austin


University of Texas at Austin