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Work experience

Feb 2009Feb 2012

Assistant manager

I was an assistant manager at Radioshack for three years. I had the tasks of making schedules, looking over employees, open and closing activities, as well as sales. I loved the job, but when I saw no room to move up in the company I decided to take my skills elswhere.


Major- Communication Minor- Business

National University
I am finishing my degree on May, 6, 2012 at National University. I have been in the program for 18 months.  I have aquired skills and knowledge in Strategic communiciation, as well as business. I hope to find a job that fits my qualifications in these subjects, and am looking forward to a career in the future.


I have learned the skills of management when I was an assistant manager at Radioshack. I finished my training in management three years ago. During the training I picked up skills like, scheduling, managing employees, money handling, and opening and closing activities

Titleist company overview

Titleist campaign


Skills off communication


My whole objective with visualcv is to try and promote my self to potential companies or corporations in order to give me the best opportunity for a job career in the future.


Within the last couple of months, I have been doing a lot of research into many different job industries in order to find a career I would like to move forward with. A couple industries that interest me would be anything that has to do with the golf, wether it be the PGA, a golf brand company, or a golf supply super store. I have always loved the game of golf, and being able to be around the sport on the daily for my career would be a dream come true. Another industry that interests me is the PR for athletes. I have always been a sports enthusiast, and think a career in the sports industry would be great.