Carla Guerra

Carla Guerra

International Project Management & Stakeholder Relations


An international business executive with more than 15 years’ experience in business development, operational management, project management and stakeholder relations.

Experienced in integrating sustainable excellence and performance management.

Customer oriented, a compelling communicator with outstanding interpersonal skills and culturally astute people manager, able to work at all levels.

Fluent in 4 languages (EN, FR, SP & PT), total understanding of Italian and Catalan and elementary knowledge of Mandarin.

Management expert in multicultural businesses contexts, with strong analytical skills.

Rigorous, independent and enthusiastic. Passionate for evaluating future scenarios, leading and creating sustainable change.

  • Engineer with environment management background with experience on management by results
  • Special interest in sustainability and certified in ‘Global Reporting Initiative’ (GRI)
  • EFQM Business Excellence Assessor
  • Mini MBA from McGill University in progress


To contribute to corporate growth in a project management position with leadership responsibilities including problem solving, planning, organising and managing budgets.


Strategic Planning

Stakeholders Relations

Project Management

Change Management

Communication Management

Process Improvement

People Management


Business Excellence


Project Management: design, plan, organise, coordinate, implement, monitor, evaluate, report and integrate the of lessons learned / best practices integration

Management of stakeholders: listen, analyse, engage, communicate, promote, negotiate, guide and act as a mediator in various working sessions

Work experience

Work experience
Jan 2015 - Jul 2015

   MANAGING DIRECTOR (consultant)

École Polytechnique de Montréal - Institut d’Énergie Trottier
  • Proposed and collaborate with the Board of Directors in developing IET vision and strategic plan
  • Develop an operational plan which incorporates goals and objectives that work towards IET strategic direction that meets stakeholders expectations
  • Establish a 3 year financial plan
  • Co-author of a “White Paper on Energy and Climate Change: the perception of Quebecers” (
2014 - Feb 2015


École Polytechnique de Montréal - Institut de l'énergie Trottier

Institut de l’énergie Trottier is dedicated to fostering a new generation of innovators on energy issues and to developing the technologies to help secure the future of energy - 

  • Co-author of a “White Paper" with objective to improve Canadian energy strategy and overviewing the energy scenarios over 18 regions, including Quebec, Canada and others countries, states or regions across the globe

  • Manage a team of 18 researchers for the "White Paper" ( )

  • Evaluation and preparation of IET strategic planning for the next 3 years

  • Supervise the organization of the 2nd Annual Trottier Symposium on Engineering, Energy and Sustainable Design ( )

2014 - 2014


Artistri Sud

Artistri Sud aims at the economic empowerment of artisans’ women in developing countries -

  • Managed a team of 15 people for a fundraiser aimed at strengthening the economic independence of women in developing countries
2013 - Feb 2014


David Suzuki Foundation

David Suzuki Foundation is science-based environmental organization –

  • Analyze the public engagement situation in relation to the strategic planning and 2013-2014 volunteer ambassadors program
  • Propose an implementation plan over 18 months focused on recruiting, administration process automation and engagement and recognition of volunteers
  • Identified potential partners, created a database with their levels of interest and ability to promote the activities of the foundation
  • Coordinate and facilitate 1500 voluntary and ambassadors program, identifying activities and volunteer opportunities linked with the Foundation projects and campaigns
2012 - 2013



Kauri is the Belgium platform for Sustainability

  • Creation of a booklet focused on the SMART Collaboration ( in 3 months, collaborating with Spark Studio and School of Management Antwerp
  • Development of the 2013 strategic plan focused on creating share value (CSV) implementation projects
2012 - 2012



Safety-Kleen is a global provider of environmental services, oil re-refining and responsible cleaning solutions,  at the forefront of developing practical green processes for business.

  • Delivered of a feasibility study for the introduction of recyclable industrial wipes

  • Analysed the product life cycle and project's impact on the supply chain and logistics in order to reduce the CO2 footprint and water consumption

  • Examined the compliance on the various environmental laws in 7 countries

2008 - 2011



European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) is a foundation for sustainable Business Excellence worldwide helping top leaders to manage change.EFQM Excellence Award recognise organisations that have achieved an outstanding level of sustainable excellence

  • Managing all partnership relationships, bringing in new partners and enabling existing partners to improve business excellence in international organisations across Europe and worldwide
  • Put Partnerships (27 European Member States) back on EFQM strategic agenda
  • Led the Partnership Model review and created a new flexible sustainable structure with a worldwide scope
  • Negotiated and got 80% buy-in to the new Partnership Model within the first 5 months
  • Reviewed legal contracts and led change of existing engagements with 27 Partners and 80 Consultants
  • Established a 5 Key Partners Network to develop Pilot Projects in order to leverage Business Excellence in Europe and for future application worldwide
  • Conceived and managed department budgets (sales and operations) integrating performance management (KPIs) and implementing best-in-class operational processes
  • Represented EFQM at international events leading workshops and participating on panel debates (Asia, South America, Middle East and Europe)
Jan 2004 - Jan 2008


European Landowner' Organization

ELO is a NGO representing the interests of land and business owners in the 27countries across Europe

  • Managing member relations, communicating EU strategy to members to inform and stimulate synergies between the different stakeholders (27 Member States, State Departments, Organisations, Associations).  Eliciting and representing member needs both internally and in the EU policymaking process.
  • Initiated and built powerful relationships with members, major stakeholders and decision makers to achieve business growth and European Union policy implementation
  • Designed, developed, communicated and managed a portfolio of environmental projects on time and budget, focused on environmental preservation, biodiversity enhancement, carbon sequestration and cultural heritage contribution to the rural economy e.g.:

          NATURA 2000 Networking Program - NNP (1000K€/year over 25 countries) -   A campaign dedicated to   provide support to members throughout the EU on  good implementation of NATURA 2000 (Birds and

          Habitat directives) and management of sites through its Awards program.

          Pilot Wildlife Estates Initiative - PWEI (200K€/year over 4 countries) - Good territorial management and conservation of "wildlife" territories throughout Europe

    Wetlands & Water - Initiatives by private land managers, companies or institutions for the protection,      conservation and sustainable management of water resources and water shaped habitats
  • ELO Ambassador at European events related to the different projects (exhibitions, conferences, forums within 27 Member Estates)
  • Researched and followed-up on European Policies on agri-environmental issues e.g. Water Framework Directive, NATURA 2000, Rural Development Regulation, Thematic Strategy for Soil Protection
  • Led multicultural team (10 people) to an 20% annual increase in event delegates over a period of 3 years
  • Negotiated with service providers and large companies sponsors (Syngenta, Monsanto, Ecodeco)
  • Organised 10 conferences per year, from 10 to 500 participants delivering average cost savings of 20%
2003 - 2003

EUROPEAN COMMISSION INTERNSHIP (Rural Development Unit of the Directorate-General for Agriculture)

European Commission
  • Analysed the funding applications for projects in Rural Development at the Directorate-General for Agriculture andprovided advice onprocedural compliance foraccessinggrantsforRural DevelopmentprojectsbyMember States
  • Liaised with financial and legal officers to draw up recommendations to Member States
  • Revised aid applications in accordance with the applicable financial and legal framework
2003 - 2003


Federation of Associations for Hunting and Conservation of the E.U.
  • Provision of expertise to the Parliamentary Affairs position of the European hunters on land management and promotion of wildlife
  • Analysed data on deer management in Scotland and variouspolicies ofhuntinginEuropeancountries
  • Conducted research and reported on the application of traps in France
2002 - 2003


Marta Cudell Landscape Architecure Office
  • Designed and managed landscape architecture projects - Co-responsible for the conception, implementation and follow up of private and public landscape projects
  • Designed diverse individual parts, created descriptive chapters and detaied technical dossier of projects
  • Communicated with main suppliers and supervised site operations for landscape architecture projects
2002 - 2002


Oporto Botanical Garden
  • Produced a pilot project on acoustic protection for the Oporto Botanical Garden including the analysis on theimpactof noise ratingson thesouth-western part of the gardennext toahighwaywith heavy traffic
  • Recommended integration of an acoustic barrier optimizing floor space and enhancing its integration into the landscape
  • Made the sketch for a future land planning project
2001 - 2001


Polytechnic University of Mons

Presented a lecture on landscape architecture and architecture for architecture students

  • Provided information on the different gardens styles and the historical evolution of gardens
  • Identified the importance of gardens in society
  • Illustrated projects from different historical periods
1999 - 2002

PROJECT MANAGER 1st&2nd European Biennials on Landscape

Architect’s Association of Catalonia
  • Event management for projects of European Landscape Architecture
  • Managed VIP communications, relationships and event logistics
  • Event exhibition manager, helped to conceptualise major exhibition on European landscape architecture projects
  • Delivered events on time and on budget

2010 International Events e.g.


2015 - 2016

Mini MBA (candidate)

Nov 2012 - Mar 2013

Project Management Course

EMS - EHSAL Management School

Project Management Institute (PMI): Certified Associate Project Manager Course

2011 - 2011

Finances for Non Financial People Intensive Training

Nyenrode Business University

Finance & Accounting fundamentals interrelated with the Strategy and Marketing perspective.

2011 - 2011

Business Ethics & Sustainability Intensive Training

Nyenrode Business University

Focus on “how” to embed sustainability in organizations

2012 - 2012

Create Share Value Intensive Training

Nyenrode Business University

Focused on long-term business competitiveness investments that simultaneously address social and environmental objectives


Portuguese and Spanish mother tongue, full proficiency

English and French written and spoken fluently, full proficiency

Catalan and Italian total understanding, basic spoken level

Mandarin and German elementary knowledge


Excerpts from recommendations and endorsements on my LinkedIn profile

  • "I worked with Carla at the Institut de l'énergie Trottier (IET) and was greatly impressed by her professionalism, dedication, and work ethic
    She was instrumental in designing a 3-year plan with a clear strategy for the IET. 
    Her drive for excellence and attention to detail were key to the on-time delivery of the White paper “Energy in Canada and Quebec: A Conversation Starter” and to the success of the Second Annual Trottier Symposium on Sustainable Engineering, Energy and Design. 
    It is a real pleasure to work with Carla. She is undoubtedly a strong asset for any organization." Former director Miguel F. Anjos
  • "Carla is one of the most ambitious and highest motivated persons I have ever got to know.  She has provided an outstanding service level and gave a high priority to my needs. I'm very happy to be one of her business partners.” Former business partner Andre Moll
  • "Carla is a task-focused, dedicated colleague. An asset for any team!” Former colleague Hannes Huhtaniemi
  • "Working with Carla in different initiatives was a great experience as she brought in creativity, excellent implementation and top-notch relationship skills.” Former business partner David Carpintero
  • "Carla is a dedicated and perceptive diplomat proficient in many languages with a wealth of experience in Agricultural, Rural and Historic Houses lobbying. She is also extremely good at managing a large network of contacts and businesspeople.” Former colleague Philip Colfox

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