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Work History

Aug 2015Present


Strickland Youth Center

I work with incarcerated youth and help teach them academic skills they will need in life. So far, this job has been a challenging, yet potentially rewarding experience.

Jun 2015Present

ESL Teacher

Cathholic Social Services

I work with international students and help them English related to job finding and other life skills. My students' ability levels range from beginner to advanced. I like teaching ESL, because students always show up ready to learn, and we sometimes have a lot of fun.

Sep 2011Apr 2015

Substitute Teacher

Mobile County Public School System

Since graduating, I've worked as a substitute teacher at various Mobile County Public School System schools. I feel like working at these schools has given me more realistic expectations of the students as well as providing feedback on what to do and what not to do in the classroom to promote student learning. I feel like I've gleaned a lot of good ideas that will help me with secondary school classroom management.


Middle school students do not like to be bored. When I subbed at a certain school, I turned the regular teacher's PowerPoint presentation into a game complete with prizes to help break the monotony they would have otherwise experienced. Class ran smoothly, and the class was engaged in the lesson, for the most part.

Jan 2011Apr 2011

Student Teacher

Student Teaching

Student Teaching--Murphy High School

I student taught a class of Murphy High School seniors. During student teaching, I had to successfully write and execute my own lesson plans. It was challenging since this was a group of seniors ready to graduate. I used a lot of what I learned in my teacher preparation classes and gained a lot of valuable teaching experience.

Favorite Lesson:

When introducing students to the Restoration Period, I stumbled upon a great series that taught about history using songs and humor. I played one of the videos to introduce the students to one of the major figures they would be learning about. The students really enjoyed it. The introduction really broke some of the monotony.

May 2008May 2010

ESL Tutor



I worked with middle school students and high school students. I tutored various subjects.


Although I'm certified in English / Language Arts, I can function in a variety of different capacities. I've even tutored middle and high school students in math. I have the ability to think outside of the box and apply other strategies to my subjects.

Tutoring has also made me comfortable working one-on-one with students and assessing individual needs. In my classroom, I will need to differentiate instruction, and I feel that tutoring has given me the insight necessary to do that.


I also worked briefly as a volunteer in the University of South Alabama's ESL department as a conversation partner. I helped English Language Learners by providing topics and speaking advice, and I helped students with their homework.


Working with ESL students has given me a better idea of what it takes to successfully communicate with all students. As a regular teacher, I should be able to draw on my experiences tutoring to help differentiate instruction and provide support for ELLs.  


Aug 2012Present


University of South Alabama

Although I have not yet received my master's degree, I feel that a degree in Teaching English as a Second Language will help me better meet the needs of both national and international students as the techniques taught are designed to help teach students who are limited in reading or speaking English. I also feel like having training for ESL students will aid me in more effectively differentiating instruction to meet the needs of students with various learning styles.

Jun 2006May 2011


University of South Alabama


I have tutoring and teaching experience, as well as authentic experience teaching and practicing classroom control. I also have interests and hobbies that make me excited about teaching, and I want to try out some of my ideas.


My interests include writing, learning, teaching, cooking, art, and reading, especially teaching and writing.

I'm especially fond of teaching and writing, though. Writing is one of my favorite parts of being an English teacher, and I'm certainly willing to show my enthusiasm for it by incorporating it into any relevant activity. I find that creative writing exercises can be used to break the monotony and help students learn a variety of different topics, from literary devices to grammar. My favorite writing trick is the story method of memorizing, whereby items to be memorized are linked via a fantastic story.   


My objective is to gain more experience as a tutor, temporary teacher, or permanent teacher.


May 2015May 2019

Alabama Teaching License

State of Alabama

I have a class A teaching certification for ESL Teaching, and I have a class B teaching certification for English / Language Arts and Secondary Education.


Computers--I'm pretty good with using computers

Spanish--I can speak a little, but I'm not fluent.