• Leading planning and management of business and technology initiatives, programs, and processes that deliver products and solutions supporting organizational and mission-critical objectives.

    • Combining PMP planning/management with MBA analysis/strategy and excellent communication skills
    • Flexibly applying methods and processes best suited to objectives, resources, constraints and quality requirements
    • Self-motivated and dependable problem-solver committed to performance and client satisfaction


    • Delivered major, mission-critical projects on time, under budget, with technical limitations, resource constraints and difficult merger/consolidation situations.
    • Nimbly adapted plans and resources to frequent changes in business direction, priorities and organizations to further assure delivery success
    • Rescued troubled new-product development and commercialization, achieving return-on-investment objective
    • Provided PMO services organizing and managing successful completion of CEO's 13 concurrent initiatives delivering industry and operational performance and best practices
    • Managed sales pilot achieving commercialization and sales goal of 200 service installations monitoring 20,000 customer devices globally
    • Saved $1mm in annual royalty and product-support costs; increased average account value and product sustainability by 20% in 12 months through product management


    • Managing projects across the organization from proposal/initiation through close-out
    • Managing multiple projects concurrently; planning and managing schedules, resources and budgets; operating under pressure while meeting deadlines and budgetary requirements
    • Aligning assets and operations to business strategy; uniting functions and resources to achieve common goals; quickly changing direction to meet fluctuating business and technology requirements
    • Applying methods and processes required for optimal results (e.g., SDLC, Waterfall, Agile/Iterative, PMBOK, Stage-gating, Enterprise Lifecycle Management and Governance, Change Management and Six Sigma)
    • MS Office Suite, MS Project, Visio, SharePoint

Work experience

Work experience
Oct 2003 - Present

Project Management Consultant (my company)

MPM, Inc.

Delivering initiative and program consulting for clients such as Lanier Worldwide (Ricoh Corporation) and Internap Network Services.

May 2007 - Dec 2008

Solutions Delivery Manager

Online Advertising/eCommerce industry; Networked, integrated CRM System projects with $1-2mm budgets, 3-12 month durations, 10 direct reports, 25-35 team members


  • Reduced care contact time and increased satisfaction through a customized, sales and service system integration.
  • Completed a large complex project on time and under budget ($2m) while limited by existing technology, tight resource constraints, and a challenging merger situation.
  • Quickly adapted plans and resources to frequent changes in business direction, priorities and reorganization.
  • Flexibly applied management practices and processes best suited for each project and program’s needs, resources and objectives (example: agile/iterative to optimize resource allocation and ROI).


  • Strategically program managing business-owner partnership.
  • Planning and managing system-solution delivery, from initiative through deployment and support hand-off, based on specific business objectives. Accountable for project quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Leading initiatives across the organization for functional/integration releases, solution upgrades, and maintenance updates that involved IT resources/stakeholders and business resources/stakeholders/beneficiaries.
  • Recruiting, managing, and developing delivery team members. Building teams and leadership development that improved overall solution-delivery quality and speed.
  • Cultivating relationships and managing all communications with clients, business sponsors, beneficiaries and stakeholders to manage program direction and project objectives, scope, success criteria, and expectations.
Mar 2005 - May 2007

Project Manager

Internap Network Services Corporation

$100k-1mm budgets, 3-12 month durations, 12-25 team members

Solution Users: Companies needing efficient and secure transmission of rich media content, application transactions and data for Internet-acceleration product. Internal operations for process change and merger consolidation projects

Selected accomplishments

  • Rescued a troubled project, assuring delivery of 18-month new product ROI. Cross-functionally program managed development, commercialization and launch requiring product management, marketing, network and software engineering, legal, service delivery, billing, and sales.
  • Developed and documented new-product development and commercialization process that delivered improvements in planning, efficiency, and ability to deliver on business case objectives.
  • Provided PMO services for achieving CEO's operational objectives in 13 initiatives.

Responsibilities summary

  • Program-managing product/service development, commercialization and market launch projects; applying processes (SDLC, waterfall, agile/iterative) as suited to resources and project objectives.
  • Developing and delivering executive KPI dashboard.
  • Providing project and program expertise and leadership for a wide variety of project types.
Oct 2003 - Oct 2004

Project Manager

Lanier Worldwide

$1mm project, 1 year duration, 12 team members


  • Worked effectively across the organization to deliver a complete product-commercialization project resulting in operational efficiency, service reliability, and product life-cycle planning.
  • Validated the business case in one year for a new, online device-management service sales pilot. Achieved >200 service installations monitoring 20,000 customer devices internationally.


  • Project-managing sales pilot (large-scale deployment): Designing, documenting and managing site-installation assessment and delivery processes. Single point of contact for corporate and field operations.
  • Leading commercialization for an innovative, online service through existing people, processes, systems and third-party product relationships to enable sales, operations and support operations.
Jun 2000 - Jun 2001

Partner Manager

Siemens Business Services, Inc.


  • Identified and implemented business processes providing optimized alliance selection and relationship management that fueled growth through strategic partnering revenue opportunities.


  • Creating partner opportunity criteria, selection and relationship management processes.
  • Single point of contact for partner sales planning, agreements, and issue resolution.
Jan 1997 - Oct 1999

Product Manager

Ceridian Employer Services


  • Assessed and negotiated contract changes reducing 3rd-party-product support requirements and royalty costs by $1mm/year.
  • Innovated product-planning and client/market-management practices increasing account value by 20% on average.


  • Designing and implementing target-market-based product management.




University of Florida


Georgia Institute of Technology



Apr 2003 - Dec 2013

PMP (Project Management Professional)

PMI - Project Management Institute