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Work experience

Apr 2008Present

Sales Associate

David and Goliath
May 2010Jul 2010

Sales Associate

Palmetto Moon

As a sales associate at Palmetto Moon, we had to sell a variety of items, some including very expensive brands such as Olukai sandals, Costa Del Mar Sunglasses, Maui Jim sunglasses, and other smaller but great brands as well.  To correctly and successfully do this job, we had to constantly keep up with excellent customer service and be at their need any time they are in our store as well as outside calls and orders. I am easily trained on registers and can adapt to any kind of technology used (old or new).

May 2010Jul 2010

Front Desk

YMCA Myrtle Beach

I worked at the front desk monitoring everyone and everything that came through the YMCA building.  I am trained on DAXCO systems and have great typing skills as well.  I handled money, membership form entries into the system, as well as service to members (including parents, children, and even the elderly).

Aug 2008Feb 2009

Sales Associate

Feb 2007Jul 2007

Camp Counselor

YMCA of Summerville

I was a peer mentor for the children who came to after school daycare and who also came to summer camp.  We worked with the children and their character building skills as well as physical activities.


Aug 2009Present


College of Charleston


I have 3 years of visual arts from a core-art middle school of the arts.  I also have 3 years of photography and media arts experience from high school as well.  I do alot of freelance work in darkrooms and now with digital photography programs.  I have auctioned some of my older pieces and entered many contests with them as well.
Reading and Speaking German
Basic knowledge of numbers, months, seasons, days of the week, and small conversation.


I am the founder of my own non-profit organization called Katie's Project.  What the organization does is collect donated prom dresses and give them to girls who cannot afford it during the time of prom season.  I have worked numerous times with the media and have also been to many community events.  We have boutiques, booths, and other public events that we attend to spread the word of our charity.  Recently, September 19, 2009, Katie's Project held a black tie gala in which was an enormous fundraiser for the charity. 

By founding this organization while I was still in high school, I have come a long way with my maturity level and experience in comparison to an average high school student.



As a hard-working student of College of Charleston, I am hoping to pursue my career in the area of Costume Design and have declared my major in Scenology I. I am very fashionably aware and tend to keep up with trends and constantly applying them to my daily routine.  I enjoy working retail and usually apply this knowledge to customers and give them advice or personal opinions (always nice of course)!

While in Myrtle Beach, I was fortunate to get on an advanced level in high school my Junior year.  In my Junior year, I completed a "Senior Project," a semester-long research that influenced graduation greatly.  My project reached the media and formed into a non-profit organization named after me (with the help of some public relations and marketing companies).  Katie's Project, the name of the organization, helps underpriveledged girls and makes prom a reality.  We give them prom dresses donated by the community and also help with shoes, accessories, and other things that would cost high amounts of money.  With this organization, I have worked with many different forms of the media, ranging from news interviews, magazine spreads, radio talk shows, etc.  I have also experienced first hand the helping of those in need  on a one-on-one level.  I believe that this had pushed me to become a much more versatile and well-rounded person, up for anything and everything that is thrown in my direction. 

I also have many characteristics that i say are beneficial in any work place.  I am a very motivated person and when I am given the inspiration to work hard and strive for something, I pursue my work until it is done to the fullest degree.  I am also a creative individual and I love to plan, plan, plan!  I have tendencies to plan things way in advance and I also begin the brainstorming process with many different options, ideas, and paths to take.  I am the type of person who starts work and always has to finish it.  I am also a very good people person and I always work with the person's wants and/or needs and use it to my ability to help them in any way according to their interests. 

Overall, in my future career, I hope to have a solid employment in the Costume Design, Theater and fashion industry career path, and also be creative at the same time.  It is truly the environment I think I belong in and can achieve the best success in as well.


I am very fond of the field of photography. I also keep up with fashion trends, including: what to wear for what season, what is "in" and new each year, what makeup to wear with what, etc.

I am also very learned in fashion and constantly try to keep up with the ever-changing industry. I am currently working on sewing and creating small pieces and plan to increase my skill with the school semester.



May 2007Jul 2007

CPR Certification

Red Cross