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A Few Selected Achievements

Management and communications: Organized an internal and external communications department from scratch, increasing clientele and internal public awareness of the brand.

Budget management: Managed a $1.4 million budget, and reduced it 60% when necessary without affecting branding goals for the company.

Project management: Accomplishments in the development of online strategies working in a cross-departmental team environment, coordinating IT, content and management, launching websites and an Intranet.

Event planning: Successfully lead international events, organizing and managing strategic international conferences, seminars, retreats and leisure events for high-end clientele, raising brand awareness in key markets.

Online strategies: Increase in traffic, sales and renewals on surpassing the 50 % increase in click through and subscription renewals in one year by aggressively improving content, internal processes and marketing.

Product development: Created a series of Webcasts that increased brand awareness, created thousands of new leads for cross selling, and more than $30,000 a month revenue. During the course of two years, cut in half the cost of delivering the webcasts.

Media awareness: duplicated media coverage of international conferences in the U.S., Europe and Latin America, and of experts and spokespeople, landing them in internationally renewed publications.


Excelling corporate communications and marketing professional with extensive experience in diverse industries including financial services, online, publishing and events. Successful strategies implemented in corporate communications drawn from a background in journalism, training and education, online strategies, and event planning.

Effective organizational skills and an extensive communications background forged and refined within world class organizations like Bulltick Capital Markets, Telefonica, Alert Global Media - subsidiary of Fortent - Warburg Pincus, Association of Certified Anti Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS), and Deutsche Presse Argentur.


Sally Toro

"Alejandra's professional experience will enhance any organization looking for a Marketing and Communications professional to partner with. As the HR Director at Bulltick, Alejandra was the iniator and creative piece to our partnership. We worked on everything from Employee engagement and Communication to Talent Acquisiton techniques and sites and ultimately with Talent Retention after the Financial crisis. Educating the group of the importance of Communication in the workplace and informing and educating the group on mass social media tools that we had at arms reach to enhance our service in HR and within the group. I know Alejandra to be someone of character, commitment and very tenacious. She will be a key player in achieving the goals and objectives of the company. I know Alejandra will meet and exceed any organizations expectations and be the most efficient and knowledgeable Business Partner.”

Alberto Bernal

“I worked with Alejandra for two years at Bulltick capital markets. Alejandra and I worked together in the organization of a series of investor conferences and client events around the world. I was the speaker in those events, and Alejandra was responsible for making sure that the events would take place flawlessly. I can unequivocally argue that I have never worked with someone that has delivered so much passion and attention to detail into the organization of a client event. Her excellent work delivered major market recognition to Bulltick as a trustworthy international bank, and as an authority in the deliverance of relevant market information. I really hope that I can work with Alejandra once again in the near future. It is quite rare to find a professional with the pool of traits that Alejandra has. She is a very responsible, hard working individual, yet at the same time she is a very sociable person that people enjoy spending time with.”

Natasha Bright

“Alejandra is the type of person that has the drive and determination to get anything accomplished; a necessary team member to have on your side for success!”

Patricia Furtado

“I've worked with Alejandra for more than 2 years and during this time I had the opportunity to observe that she is a very focused and committed professional, who works very well in a team, with a friendly behavior which motivates the group. She is also objective and results oriented, being capable to add value to any team/ company.”

Marketing Leadership

Work experience

Sep 2007Present

Head of Marketing and Communications

Bulltick Capital Markets
  • Overhaul the corporate communications department, through the design of brand guidelines and development of diverse programs including: marketing; events; internal communications; PR strategy; and online strategy.
  • Lead the re-branding of the firm. Created a cross-departmental team to establish brand values, mission statements, perceptions, etc., and implemented a new messaging and visual brand guidelines across client touch points.
  • Identified and lead International Advertising/PR agencies to manage the brands and PR efforts.
  • Developed a PR strategy through a thought leadership campaign.
  • Conceived and created a online strategy including a research website and an Intranet. Both with CRM capabilities. Directed conception, development, launch and promotion.
  • Lead internal communications strategies including events, Intranet, meetings, and overall incentive and communications program.
  • Conceptualized and executed events in the U.S. and Latin America, including: seminars and cocktails for clients in diverse locations; trade shows; speaking opportunities for experts; and leisure events for clients.
  • Developed a CRM strategy and implemented Salesforce for a cross selling strategy around the diverse desks.
  • Developed and implemented annual strategic operating plan for marketing and managed budget.
  • Managed Trade Show strategy and oversaw effective implementation with consistent branding.
  • Worked on the global consistency of the brand, allowing and coordinating local market executions.
Jun 2004Sep 2007

Web Editor

Alert Global Media / ACAMS
  • Product manager – from content and technical development to marketing and product awareness campaigns.
  • Completed an overhaul of the website, including design, reference sections and content structure.
  • Through an improvement in internal processes and content, increased by 50 per cent the traffic and renewals for the website in a year.
  • Coordinated marketing campaigns that resulted in sales of ancillary products.
  • Lead the translation, production and personally edited two editions of two books on money laundering. 
  • Organized and developed new sections/features for the site that raised traffic.
  • For two years, edited, rewrote, and proofread an average of 10 articles a week.
  • Successfully recruited guest writers, freelancers and reporters to write articles. 


Jun 2003Jun 2004


Barcelona University / Columbia University of NY