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Work experience


Territory Sales Manager

  • Surpassed sales objectives by $127K in year one.
  • Earned “Rookie of the Year” nomination; became the top producing sales representative in the country.
  • Established trusted business relationships with key medical decision-making personnel across Western Canada.
  • Trained medical personnel to utilize product, promoted product use and created future sales opportunities as a result.

Territory Sales Manager

  • Tripled sales target of $100K to $300K in year one.
  • Quadrupled sales target of $200K to more than $850K in the second year.
  • Earned top honours becoming the company’s number one sales representative in the country.
  • Turned-around mismanaged territory and re-established relationships with customers built on integrity, trust, accountability, professionalism, and a commitment to quality service.

Sales Manager

  •  Integrated client-specific needs into viable sales opportunities, delivered substantial results.
  • Established trusted relationships with customers across western Canada demonstrating professionalism and integrity.
  • Trained customers to deliver product, demonstrated how to use medical devices.

Sales Manager

  • Doubled anticipated revenues and increased sales over 197% in the first year. 
  • Enhanced regional sales 176% in year two having identified and addressed customer needs.
  • Earned CSA playground inspector certification and was only female in Alberta to hold designation.
  • Cultivated territory and grew it from $300K in the year 2000 to $1.05M in 2002.




Community Engagement

Coach and Manager,

T-Ball and Coach Pitch

Level 1 Coaching Certificate   

Calgary North West ittle League                 

Coach - Youth Curling Program

Calgary Curling Club

Parent Volunteer

Elementary, Grade School, and High School 15 consecutive years


Community Events / Lunch Services

Community Groups


Heart and Stroke Foundation

Professional Development


University of Saskatchewan

Medical Radiation Technology

Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

Advanced Certification

Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists

Advanced Certification

British Columbia Institute of Technology

Management Courses

University of Calgary


Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

Certified National Playground Inspector

Canadian Parks and Recreation Association


The Petroleum Industry In Canada




Brenda Field has built a reputation as a trusted partner who develops and grows business alongside its team of leaders. A dynamic and dedicated sales executive for nearly ten years, she has consistently exceeded revenue targets and organizational objectives.

Growing up on a farm, Brenda learned how to till the land, plant crops and harvest the fruits of her labour. She has applied these lessons to her sales career: setting the groundwork with her clients, identifying their needs and preferences, establishing strong and trusted business relationships and delivering customer-focused quality service that harvests impressive sales results.

As Territory Manager with Covidien, a $10B global healthcare product leader, it did not take her long to outperform her peers and become the top producing sales representative in the country. In less than a year, she positioned the organization to grow the territory to over $2.lM in sales. Besides being poised to win "Rookie of the Year" Brenda has outperformed her peers and become the number one sales representative in the country.

Comfortable being the top producing executive sales professional, Brenda also held the prestigious title while engaged with NexGen Lasers Inc. as Territory Manager. Brenda identified customer needs and preferences, established her objectives, and led the sales process. She multiplied sales 300% in year one, and 425% in year two.

A Medical Radiation Technologist (MRT) by trade, Brenda has more than 18 years of experience working inside the medical community. Having worked as a MRT for the Canada Diagnostic Centre, Radiology Consultants Associated, Foothills Medical Centre, St. Paul's Hospital, and Holy Cross Hospital, and as Department Head Radiology / Clinical Instructor for the Meadow Lake Union Hospital, she understands her clients because she once was a client.

Brenda builds each of her long-term relationships on trust and integrity. Her drive and flexibility to respond to rapidly changing market trends and competitive conditions has seen her excel in everything she does. She effectively maximizes profitability and efficiency while maintaining the highest quality of service delivery. Her clients know this all too well.

"[Brenda] will go the extra mile and bring you fantastic results." - Manager, Cosmetic Surgical Centre

Brenda has coached, cheered, and competed in many sports. She enjoys outdoor activities that include running, biking, swimming, skiing, golfing, and hiking. In her spare time, she likes travelling, photography, reading, and cooking. She is an active volunteer in her community and genuinely loves to help others improve their circumstance.

Finding inventive ways to help clients build their business and improve their bottom-line performance, Brenda puts people first, making her customers feel valued. She differentiates herself from other executive sales professionals because she has built her value on a foundation of relationships based on trust, accountability, professionalism, and integrity.

"Brenda is a warrior - an enterprising person who works hard to establish relationships that are beneficial for our company. She fights against all odds and all competitors to not only meet sales objectives, but double them and grow the territory." - President, PlayWorks Inc.


Trusted sales professional, relationship builder, and business advisor contributing inventive ways to build business and improve bottom-line performance.

* Surpasses sales objectives by $1.25 million

* Outperforms colleagues to become national top producer

* Multiplies sales doubling, tripling and quadrupling revenue over previous years

* Cultivates territory growing from $300K to $1.05M in under 24 months

* Turns around mismanaged territories and re-establishes customer relationships

* Builds relationships on foundation of integrity, trust, accountability, and commitment to quality service


* Sales Strategies

* Customer-Focused Service

* Consultative Selling

* Revenue Growth

* Top Producer

* Team Building & Leadership

* Territory Management

* Design Management

* Prospecting / Cold Calling

* Quality Services Focus

* Sales Planning

* Post-Sales Support

Outstanding Testimonials

 "[Brenda] always goes the extra mile to help me even if it means that [she] has to make phone calls on my behalf."

- Team Leader, Regina Qu'appelle Health Region

"She is a breath of fresh air. She has a great personality and is not pushy. She understands the needs of the customer and is willing to answer many questions and is patient."

- Client, confidential

"No other rep has made the attempt to come to our remote area and when I called and made the request I was surprised that she was willing to change her plans to accommodate our schedule."

- Satisfied customer

"[Brenda] will go the extra mile and bring you fantastic results." 

- Manager, Cosmetic Surgical Centre

Medical Expertise

Medical Radiation Technologist

Canada Diagnostic Centres Radiology Consultants Associated 

Foothills Medical Centre

St. Paul's Hospital 

Holy Cross Hospital

Department Head Radiology / Clinical Instructor

Meadow Lake Union Hospital


Brenda has exceeded sales objectives for nearly 10 years. Her performance includes surpassing objectives 197%, 176%, 290%, 350%, 215%, 300%, 425%, 106%, and 168%.

Her secret: she puts people first, going beyond the call of duty to make certain her customers feel valued. Her personality and ability to communicate with individuals at all levels within an organization proves invaluable. Able to clearly understand and communicate the needs of her clients, she asks difficult questions and gets meaningful answers, which enable the highest quality sales, service, and support.

A dynamic, dedicated, and loyal sales executive, Brenda is a quick study with good judgement and strong business acumen. She enjoys spending time with her customers, analyzing their situations and devising innovative solutions that improve their business.