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Electronics and Telecommunications Engineer with Global Marketing MBA from the world's leading international business school. Past experience include Business Analysis for IT firm and Brand Management in a leading media and entertainment division. Currently exploring opportunities in the fields of Technology Consulting, Marketing and Business Development and working as an Independent Consultant for a number of small businesses and startups.


Information Technology


Digital Entertainment


Social Media

Risk Analysis


Business Development


Brand Management


This is to express my interest in connecting with those individuals and institutions that are looking for Management Consulting services in the fields of IT, Telecommunications, Media, Entertainment, Risk Analysis, International Development and Marketing. I am currently working in the capacity of an Independent Consultant for a number of small size businesses and startups. 

Research Studies & Business Plan

Work experience

Jul 2010Present

Marketing and Business Development Consultant

Independent Consulting

Small businesses and startups have always ignited a special interest in me, especially after my studies at Thunderbird. In line with that, after completing my academics from the b-school I returned to India to assist small businesses here achieve their growth and branding targets and giving them a global perspective of their business as it grows.

TSAC - Quesa ( Developed the marketing plan for the startup food and hospitality company. - This included direct marketing, social media marketing and VOC (Voice of Customer) analysis.- The startup has witnessed a heavy footfall within a month of its first set-up's launch resulting in a first month profit of over 45% in the highly competitive food services sector of the NCR region.- With a sustained marketing effort, requiring little to no investment, the first set-up by TSAC (called Quesa Lounge) is witnessing high customer retention and a 200% ROI in month-on-month reporting.Ayurveda Kendra ( In the capacity of International Marketing Consultant a comprehensive re-branding initiative was developed for Ayurveda Kendra.- Ayurveda Kendra's marketing strategy was realigned from a services to word-of-mouth promotion system to a more market oriented and web based platform.- Internet marketing strategy (with the application of SEO and Social Media designs) is targeted towards getting more international visibility for the company.- New branding and web marketing is to be initiated at the end of Sep, 2010.Global Web Technologies ( In the capacity of International Business Consultant launched an internationalization programs to give the human resources at GWT a perspective of the IT standards and business outlook.- Generated leads in both the international and domestic domain many of which culminated into revenue for the web services company.- Improved the marketing and branding of GWT to help the company have a better perceptual reception by potential clients.- Offered 10% equity in the company as initiatives taken provided incremental business opportunities.

Jun 2009Aug 2009

Brand Management Intern


As part of my responsibilities at Viacom18, India's leading media enterprise, I was required to do a thorough analysis of the marketing initiatives undertaken by the company. Interning at Viacom Brands Solution division was an incredibly learning experience where the pace of ideation required great deal of multi tasking to prevent one from being overwhelmed. VBS as a organizational department had a great breadth in its areas of operations (such as content development, business development, marketing campaign design etc.) though a large quantum of their force was dedicated towards advertising and brand promotions.

·      Studied the marketing strategies of one of the most effective brand management organizations in India.

·        Drafted a comprehensive $3,000,000 plan on video gaming development in India and the incredible possibilities it poses for both branding and ROI.

·        Performed ground level research at over 10 DU colleges to gauge the popularity of gaming in within the 17-25 age bracket and subsequently created a detailed analysis on gaming tournaments in the country.

May 2006Jun 2008

Process Manager & Business Analyst

Birlasoft (India) Ltd.

At Birlasoft's PMO (Process Management Office) I undertook several major business studies with senior management related to business engagement, generating new businesses (NBC Digital Media, CNBC Front End Development) worth $500M. After being shortlisted for a key role in the company’s Business Excellence group from a pool I was responsible for executing all financial accrual and accounting work pertaining to the account (Birlasoft GE NBC). 

·   Undertook several major business studies with senior management related to business engagement, generating new businesses (NBC Digital Media, CNBC Front End Development) worth $500,000.

·Shortlisted for a key role in the company’s Business Excellence group from a pool of 50 candidates, executing all financial accrual and accounting work pertaining to the $6,000,000 account (Birlasoft GE NBC).

·Renovated the internal accrual practices for the company, resulting in an 8% increase in the gross margin.

·Analyzed all public and confidential records of the company’s resources and provided the business stakeholders with suggestions to improve operating margins.

·Worked closely with the CFO of the company on business process reviews such as the State of Business review, Voice of Customer and Engagement Metrics and provided critical recommendations for better resource allocation resulting in an increase in Employee Utilization (total number of hours billed/total billable hours) by 20%.

·Created a monthly business performance measurement tool for the NBC account known as the ‘Guidance’ which was subsequently released for all other accounts, such as GE ComFin, GE Industrial and

·         Managed the initiation of new human resources through effective knowledge transfer to make them conversant with the company’s business outlook, verticals and processes.


Aug 2008Jun 2010

MBA in Global Management

Thunderbird School of Global Management

Thunderbird School of Global Management is a unique blend of international perspective and multiculturalism. Through its dedicated global programs, the school instills a transnational sensitivity within its students. It is thus of little wonder why the school has been constantly ranked world #1 for its Global MBA program. The school also provides a highly enterprising atmosphere to its students through its extensive networking and dedicated business development resources; thus, any student of Thunderbird always has the added advantage of being able to directly connect with illustrious business leaders for direction and feedback. But it is the truly international faculty that brings international business studies to a whole new, global, level. The Global Marketing courses especially are laced with both market and cultural sensitivity furthering the intellectual armory of the students of Thunderbird.

·Awarded 25% scholarship as a entering student merit award.

·Vice President of Thunderbird Media and Entertainment Association, President of Indian Subcontinent Club.

·Was selected school liaison for due to internet and telecommunications expertise

·        Research Assistant for Prof. John Zerio under whom undertook extensive research on the evolving online and digital media space – Social Media Marketing, Viral Marketing, In-Game Marketing and SEO.

Aug 2002Jun 2006

Bachelor of Engineering

Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra

Birla Institute of Technology (Mesra) is a highly coveted engineering institute in the picturesque town of Ranchi. As part of the curriculum, students are given industrial and research training apart from the exhaustive theory. FIn addition, it is the Electronics & Telecommunication department of BIT that has received national recognition for the deemed university. Apart from traditional focus on electrical engineering the course is also a comprehensive study on modern day electronics, lasers and communication equipment. Furthering the academic environment are the numerous technical events and festival that the sprawling campus hosts giving its students an constant technical and non-technical exposure, may of which I myself had organized.

·Accredited with a class ‘A’ degree upon program completion with specialization in electronics & telecommunications and a minor in C/C++ programming.

·Coordinated and actively participated in several university events, both technical and recreational, as part of the select BIT Student Body and President of BIT Music Club.

·Organized the first ever on-campus ‘Digital Sports’ tournament (Multiplayer Gaming) which saw participation from over 14 universities and colleges.

·         Awarded first place in the intra-university technical paper presentation competition for presentation on future communication technology systems: Beyond WiFi. 


Country Risk Analysis
Risk Analysis as a field had always interested me greatly which is why I undertook specialized courses in the field of risk assessment at Thunderbird. Apart from understanding the frameworks behind institutional risk assessment tools such as the Economic Model, ICRG and ORI Factors, the cultural nature of my business studies also allows me to comprehend the risk analysis models from all perspectives and formulate my own frameworks according to the study in hand.    I sincerely believe that Risk Analysis is a field of study which does not get the kind of focus from businesses as it should. Especially considering the business world since globalization became the dominant ideology, both sourcing and retailing happening on a transnational scale, businesses would do well to have a thorough understanding of the political, social, economic and cultural aspects of their regional operations. 
Digital Marketing
Owing to my research under Prof. John Zerio in the field of social media and internet marketing I have a very comprehensive repository of methods and processes that a brand or individual can employ to obtain the right attention from the right people online. In addition, I have had the opportunity to apply my knowledge during the course of my consultation career to give small businesses a much larger platform and bringing their brand and product(s)/service(s) through online content management and social marketing.   Furthermore, as part of my work at Viacom18, I had researched on and drafted a comprehensive business plan for video game development in India. This also gave me the opportunity to understand the global digital entertainment business in great depth and provide analyses on the same. 
C/C++, Java, SQL, HTML
As part of my engineering studies at Birla Institute of Technology, I also undertook a minor in Computer Programming languages such as C and C++. My interest in computers then led me to learn Java and SQL during the course of my studies through student groups. Though I have never had the opportunity to apply my technical skills during the course of my career, my deep technical knowledge has given me the unique leverage to understand the technology business from the perspective of the human resources that drive it. 
Business Development
Apart from my role in the IT industry in making the business more profitable through internal process management, I was also part of the account management which interacted with the clients to assess the company's value perception and then consequently suggest way on improving that. This analysis was performed through a detailed knowledge transfer exercise with the client : VOC (Voice of Customer). This was an empirical analysis in which client's perception was assessed, tabulated and then studied over time.   Furthermore, in my current role as an Independent Consultant for small businesses it falls upon me to help the small businesses that I am currently working in a range of business development activities - from re-framing or creating their marketing initiatives to increasing their client network.
Business Analysis
Due to my own background in the IT industry industry I am quite well versed in wing-2-wing analysis of business operations. The most important aspect of business analysis as a job function is to be an almost autonomous unit within an organization and provide a transparent feasibility study. In organizations where verticals are divided and each account has its own agenda and benchmarks to attain, as was the case where I worked, it was exceedingly important that the top level leadership are getting the right grass-root level information which might get suppressed or attuned by the time it travels through several layers of corporate communication.    Most importantly, as a Business Analyst the most important aspect of one's job requirement was having a fundamental knowledge of almost all the wings of the businesses and in setting the right expectations with top level management regarding the desired business output.
Business Process Management
Business Process relates to the field of corporate relationship and intra-departmental co-ordination. As small businesses grow and move into the mid-size segment of industries, one of the major issues facing them at this junction is ensuring that the whole end to end activity of project conception to invoice generation is a system in tandem with the organization's own pace of output. Usually most professionals view this as a productivity problem and target their efforts towards increasing their resource allocation.    Process Management on the other hand elaborates the need to factor all the present realities of a particular business and work towards optimizing those resources and minimizing waste. This will be true just as much for an IT company to a manufacturing facility and works in the direction of making the venture more sustainable everyday.
Marketing & Branding
Given my internship at Viacom18 and business academics concentration towards Global Marketing, I have had a comprehensive hands on training in Brand Management and Marketing. Furthermore, being part of the 'Web Generation' I am quite adept in getting product and brand visibility online. As part of my research studies for Prof. John Zerio I have done in depth research on the more recent marketing tools such as Social Media, Viral Mediums and SEO. Working as an independent consultant for a range of small businesses, a great part of my contribution to these organizations is directed towards formulating their marketing strategies, at times from scratch.

Research Study & Business Plan P