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About Klee Irwin

A passionate scientist, researcher, entrepreneur, humanitarian and global citizen, Klee Irwin is the director of Quantum Gravity Research, leading a dedicated team of mathematicians and physicists in developing a first-principles quantum gravity theory to replace the current disparate and conflicting physics theories. An out-of-the-box thinker infinitely curious about space, time, and matter, Irwin has published numerous journal articles analyzing the fundamentals of physics, including a focus on the sum of squares law and the various constructions of the tetrahedra. Quantum Gravity Research over the years has expanded through  inspired research  and discovery in areas that include Golden Ratio in Nature (often found in the world of “Sacred Geometry”), Cold Fusion, Consciousness and Emergence Theory.

Outside of his work in the physics field, Klee Irwin is passionate about, and maintains a commitment to giving back through philanthropic initiatives. He is active in supporting science researchers, educators and creative visionaries in their aim toward  discovering solutions to activate transformational & impactful  contributions in the world we live in. His contributions to worthy causes include social and eco-conscious  organizations whose emphasis range from creating conscious/intentional living communities (Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage), funding through micro-lending worthy film projects (Women on the Land, Law of the Heart and Children Behind the Wall) as well as other purpose driven organizations such as  In 2008, he helped fund the launch of Singularity University, headquartered at NASA Research Park, Moffett Field. In 2012 he joined the Board of Directors of Scanadu Corp. and invested in the endeavors of Moon Express. Irwin is also an advocate and member of many professional organizations including the American Physical Society, American Association for the Advancement of Science,, International Society for Biosemiotics and Hana Arts.

Klee Irwin is the founder and owner of Irwin Naturals a successful global natural supplement company providing alternative health and healing products formed in the early 1990’s. Irwin embraces and promotes a corporate culture focused on caring for and serving through compassionate & purpose driven acts such as his instrumental role in funding humanitarian efforts with Vitamin Angels

Klee Irwin’s entrepreneurial endeavors extend to investing in environmentally responsible projects such as the startup Mayasil (a spin-off of Mayaterials) , which has created an innovative process for using agricultural waste to create high-purity silica compounds. This cost-effective method has almost no carbon footprint and could potentially reduce carbon emissions by six tons for each ton of product generated. 

As a global citizen, Irwin’s passion for “nurturing the question” and bringing clarity through research are directly related to his desire to simply create a better world for all future generations to come. 

Klee Irwin has authored a number of research papers in his field, including
The Sum of Squares Law, The Quasicrystalline Spin-Network - A Chiral Icosodhedral Quasicrystal derived from E8 , and  A New Approach to the Hard Problem of Consciousness: A Quasicrystalline Languge of "Primitive Units of Consciousness"  in Quantized Spacetime.  His presentation "The Quasicrystalline Nature of Consciousness In the Universe" was presented in April, 2016 at The Science of Consciousness conference (video here is slightly modified for general audiences).

“Synergy, Abundance, Sharing, Cooperation, Service…” ~ Klee Irwin


Work experience

Mar 2009Present


Quantum Gravity Research

A passionate scientist and researcher, Klee Irwin is the founder and director of Quantum Gravity Research. His curiousity about space, time and consciousness led Klee to quit his full time job running the company he owns in order to pursue his passion for physics full time. With a team of 12+ full time researchers, Klee guides the team in developing Emergence theory, a new, first principles quantum gravity theory that unifies space, time, energy, matter, information and consciousness.

Jun 1994Present


Irwin Naturals


Methods for Calculating Empires in Quasicrystals

Fang Fang, Dugan Hammock, and Klee Irwin (2017)

Emergence of an Aperiodic Dirichlet Space from the Tetrahedral Units of an Icosahedral Internal Space

Amrik Sen, Raymond Aschheim, and Klee Irwin (2017)

Quantum Walk on a Spin Network and the Golden Ratio as the Fundamental Constant of Nature

Klee Irwin, Fang Fang, Marcelo Amaral and Raymond Aschheim (2017)

Encoding Geometric Frustration In Tetrahedral Packing With Gaps, Discrete Curvature, Distortion or Twisting

Fang Fang, Richard Clawson, Klee Irwin (2017)

The Code Theoretic Axiom: the Third Ontology

Klee Irwin (2017)

Toward a Unification of Physics and Number Theory

Klee Irwin (2017)

Heterotic Supergravity with Internal Almost-Kähler Configurations and Gauge SO(32), or E8 × E8, Instantons

Laurentiu Bubuianu, Klee Irwin, Sergiu I. Vacaru (2016)

Anamorphic Quasiperiodic Universes in Modified and Einstein Gravity with Loop Quantum Gravity Corrections

Marcelo Amaral, Raymond Aschheim, Laurentiu Bubuianu, Klee Irwin, Sergiu Vacaru, Daniel Woolridge (2016)

Starobinsky Inflation and Dark Energy and Dark Matter Effects from Quasicrystal Like Spacetime Structures

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An Icosahedral Quasicrystal and E8 Derived Quasicrystals

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Unexpected Fractal Signatures in Fibonacci Chains

Fang Fang, Raymond Aschheim, Klee Irwin (2016)

The Search for a Hamiltonian Whose Energy Spectrum Coincides With the Riemann Zeta Zeroes

Raymond Aschheim, Carlos Castro Perelman, Klee Irwin (2016)

Off–Diagonal Deformations of Kerr Metrics and Black Ellipsoids in Heterotic Supergravity

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A New Approach to the Hard Problem of Consciousness

Klee Irwin (2014)

An Icosahedral Quasicrystal as a Packing of Regular Tetrahedra

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Periodic Modification of the Boerdijk-Coxeter Helix (Tetrahelix)

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Law of Sums of the Squares of Areas, Volumes and Hyper Volumes of Regular Polytopes from Clifford Polyvectors

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Cabinet of curiosities: the interesting geometry of the angle β=arccos((3φ – 1)/4)

Fang Fang, Klee Irwin, Julio Kovacs, Garrett Sadler (2013)

The Sum of Squares Law

Julio Kovacs, Fang Fang, Garrett Sadler, Klee Irwin (2012)

Eight Things a First Principles Theory of Everything Should Possess

Klee Irwin (2014)

Golden, Quasicrystalline, Chiral Packings of Tetrahedra

Fang Fang, Garrett Sadler, Julio Kovacs and Klee Irwin (2012)