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I was Project Manager at the Centro de Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento para Seguran a das Comunica es CEPESC [Center of Research and Development for Communications Security] of the Ag ncia Brasileira de Intelig ncia ABIN [Brazilian Intelligence Agency], an entity bound to the Gabinete de Seguran a Institucional GSI [Institutional Security Office] of the Presidency of the Republic. There, I was development manager for scientific and technological research applied to projects related to communications security and technological transfer of its outcomes, using Capability Maturity Model CMM SEI 1993 and PSP (Personal Software Process) for software and, PMBoK (Project Management Body of Knowledge - PMI) and OPM3 (Organizational Project Management Maturity Model), taking into consideration the strategic interests involved. All projects ware developed aiming at state-of-the-art technology, independency of Brazil from any other country and, therefore, waiving payments of royalties to other nations. Most projects ware funded by FUNTTEL Fundo para o Desenvolvimento Tecnol gico das Telecomunica es [Telecommunications Technological Development Facilities] and some ware executed in partnership with CPqD Centro de Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento em Telecomunica es [Center of Research and Development in Telecommunications]. CEPESC has already developed and produced a large line of data and information security equipment and systems, in support to Federal and State entities. In services, CEPESC provides technical support in information security to State organizations and participates in the project Voto Informatizado [Automated Ballot], under the coordination and responsibility of the Higher Electoral Court. CEPESC also holds technical participation at the Programa Nacional de Prote o ao Conhecimento PNPC [Brazilian Program on Protection to Knowledge] of Abin, at the Comit Gestor de Seguran a da Informa o CGSI [Managerial Committee on Information Security], at projects Sistema de Prote o da Amaz nia SIPAM [Amazonian Protection System] and Sistema de Vigil ncia da Amaz nia SIVAM [Amazonian Surveillance System], at workgroups on remote sensoring and in outlining specifications to the Brazilian key public infrastructure system. I have developed the Business Plan that proposed manufacturing converters of Digital TV signals into Analogical TV sets, aiming at using the 60 million analogical TV sets existing in Brazil. The converter may be produced at Sensonic Industria Eletr nica (Rio de Janeiro), where I participate in new businesses and products. The project is being evaluated by the Electronic Computing Nucleus of Coppe Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. Another idea is to manufacture a transcoder that should cost no more than R$ 150.00 to final consumer, against the current R$ 270.00 charged for the Japanese transcoder. The implementation of Brazilian Digital TV system is foreseen to take place by the end of 2007. I also work as consultant to the French lab of researches and development, STELEUS, former Network Management Group Telecoms SA (NMG Telecoms), to implement SS7 signs analysis tools (hardware and software) and Call Detail Records (CDRs), to manage telephone traffic in Brazilian fixed and mobile networks. Solutions presented are 100% in real time, oriented to clients businesses. STELEUS is a company with headquarters in Mulhose, and offices in Lyon France and Westford USA, made up by telecommunications engineers specialized in development, pioneer worldwide in field tests with SS7 signaling systems, and over 35 years of experience in telecommunications market, in a broad and steady partnership with all European research labs. At Telemar RJ : I was part of the group of analysis on engineering-based solutions, in the emergence of the fire at Alvorada (ALV) telephone station, of Telemar Rio de Janeiro, which happened on 01.08.1999. The fire jeopardized the duties performed by ALV within the scope of Rio de Janeiro telephone services. ALV station was basically made up by analogical telephone units, with local and tandem duties, and digital units, with local, in room, CTP (Public Terminals) and PTS (Signaling Transfer Point) duties, besides supporting Telef nica mobile services network. I have generated the technical document, gathering information on its network status, switching, transmission, DG and infrastructure. I have also generated the economic document, gathering information on investments, expenditures and required costs to restart rendering telephone services to 69,211 terminal stations in the area affected by fire; In the field of Switching , at Telemar-RJ, I was in charge for managing the implementation of NEC/Siemens/Ericsson/Lucent equipment, referring to 1.5 million telephone terminal stations, in 2000, throughout Telemar-RJ working area. Sound experience in management of huge implementations. Leadership towards changing paradigms remaining from former Telerj and strategic view on different segments making up Telemar-RJ network area. I was also the technician in charge of qualifying metallic telephone network, in the city of Rio de Janeiro, to deliver voice/data transmission services, through ADSL-based technology. This allowed me to trade ADSL product in pre-defined speeds, over 100% of Rio de Janeiro areas. In the field of Telemar-RJ mobile communication provision, I was in charge of generating and managing each and every one contract required to establish the GSM-GPRS (Global System for Mobile General Packet Radio Services) system in the State of Rio de Janeiro. During implementation, using Nokia technology, all infrastructure concerning site / electric power / air-conditioning, metallic/optical cable network and mini-link interlacing to interconnect mobile system belonging to Telemar-RJ, rent to the further Telemar-Celular ( Oi ). Among duties assigned to me, were also cleaning frequency spectrum, occupied, in 1.8/1.9 GHz band, to the Ministry of Defense (Army / Navy / Aeronautics) In that same period, I have implemented all infrastructure, transmission and switching of WLL system to Parati RJ, using DECT Alcatel technology, interconnected through SDH with V5.2 protocol to a Siemens EWSD unit at Angra dos Reis RJ, with about 100 km in length; In the field of Telemar-RJ network strategic clients -, I was responsible for implementing the entire network of optical / metallic cables and mini-link interlacing, using AsGa and Nokia equipment, to interconnect TeleNorteLeste-PCS (TNL-PCS, Mobile operator of D band) mobile system with RTPC Rede de Telefonia P blica Comutada [Switching Public Telephone Services Network] of Telemar-RJ. I have also managed the interconnection through optical fibers/ metallic cables / mini-links of TNL-PCS sites, also connected to AsGa and Nokia equipment, and site / electric power / air-conditioning infrastructure of Telemar RJ, to be rented to Telemar-Celular ( Oi ). There, I was also in charge of generating and managing all required contracts to establish GSM-GPRS (Global System for Mobile General Packet Radio Services) system in the State of Rio de Janeiro. GPRS services are intended to allow users to transmit and receive data through package switching towards, for instance, accessing IP and X25 networks, using the concept of EDGE (Enhanced Data Rates for Global Evolution) to develop GSM into 3G , at Telemar-RJ working area. As required by Anatel Universalization Goals and in order to operate TNL-PCS, Telemar has started the implementation of that network using WLL system that, integrated to fixed telephone services network, shared the D -band mobile sites. The goal for 2001 was to reach 312 thousand WLL terminal stations, with GSM technology, in the State of Rio de Janeiro. I have working experience in using SAP-R3 Client-Server (System Application Products in Data Processing 4.5B) software integrated to People-Soft. At Globocabo, I participated in projects aimed at reducing company costs, and my main job was to project and bring about the implementation of the WAN, which saved the company US$ 1 million/year. The Globocabo WAN was designed to be an independent telecommunications network with 32 points, corporate, digital in terrestrial high speed, with only one DDD/DDI outlet for all the group, using Nortel technology, for VoIP/data/video-conference, full cipher on DES, and RSA , whose authentication of accesses was certified by the Globo group. I have an integrated vision of the component processes of the business and this has made it possible for me to collect call centers of the Globocabo, NET, NET-SAT and Multicanal groups, linked through 0800 992211, national (Brazil) with origin selection, regenerating in all points according to the localities of the Pay-TV operations. I have experience in planning SDH networks with Multiplexes configured in rings, CrossConnectors (DXC), Radios (STM-1), and Submarine Systems (short and long distances). I was also responsible for most of Multicanal proposals presented to the Ministry of Communications in 1998, in reply to the edit for a public bid for operating Cable and MMDS TV by the companies of the Globocabo group; Also at Multicanal, I was responsible for the implementation of the external and internal networks, and of the headends of the CATV systems in Ribeir o Preto, Bauru and Sorocaba. I managed the teams aiming at performance, maturity and understanding of the business. I also implemented the internal procedures concerning the job of attending to the Multicanal subscriber in these three cities. My work avoided problems with the local consumers of CATV, like for example, a recall. I participated in the implementation of the plant that would make the assembly of amplifiers of CATV in Manaus. I had the chance to lead a close-knit and winning team, however the lack of government incentives made it more attractive to import the same equipment through the port of Imbituba-SC. I carried through the implementation and administrative/operational organization of the warehouse of the Multicanal in Florian polis, which received the imported equipment and distributed it among the operations of the Multicanal Group. I was responsible for technical support, the nationalization and development of equipment and material for the Supply Board. I made economic and financial analysis associated the partnerships and products and elaborated several Business Plans, negotiated with companies and national and foreign investors, with the purpose of developing and assembling new businesses in the area of telecommunications, namely in cable TV, and Cellular Mobile Telephony, for economist Antonio Dias Leite Neto. I elaborated the Business Plan of ZAP NEWS channel during the period of the implementation of the satellite link to Multicanal was bought by the Globo organization; For the economist-entrepreneur Antonio Dias Leite Neto, I participated of the implementation of the system of Mobile Telephony Cellular D-AMPS, TDMA with 14 cells between the center and the southern part of Rio de Janeiro, using Ericsson technology, and also the analog Ericsson Trunking system in the city of Rio de Janeiro. I made the business plan for the interconnection of North and South America, using CDPD (Cellular Digital Packet Data), using a full and integrated vision of the component processes of the business, and analysing the market information; I took part in the elaboration of a proposal for the supply, installation and tests of an integrated system made up of equipment and jobs necessary to the implementation of VIDEOREDE - Brasilia, with ALS (American Lightwave Systems) and Jerrold Technology , aimed at promoting the job of CATV signs carrier in the area covered by Telebras lia, for the ADC Telecommunication / Sterling of Brazil / Glad Thor Age Engineering consortium; I participated directly in the Technical Project and Economic Engineering; I took part in the elaboration of the proposals for the installment of Cellular Mobile Telephony (1990), for the NTT (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Co.) / BTX (Eike Batista Group) / BMG (BMG Group) consortium in the states of Minas Gerais and S o Paulo, in reply to the privatization edit of this service; I had direct participation in the preliminary studies of feasibility, means of management of the services, and economic Engineering. I managed the elaboration of 51 technical projects (AMPS) developed in the NTT of Brazil. I analysed the technical projects through airphotogrammetry, for the inclusion of the conveyance of signals by passive reflection; I also took part in the audit and technical evaluation and studies for the elaboration of the cash flow for the purchase of Cook Electric Telecomunica es S.A. shares for the Eike Batista Group; I was business manager, of telecommunications engineering companies, installers and maintainers of telephony systems and of TV DBS, and MMDS systems, besides the collective antennas in horizontal and vertical condominiums in Rio de Janeiro. I also implemented the internal politics and procedures concerning servicing customers of the Glad Thor Age Engenharia Ltda. and of the DAT Group Ltda.; I administrated and managed technical projects and implemented the following mobile communication systems : - 11 radio taxi systems in the city of Rio de Janeiro; - a radio system for the Municipal Secretary of Health, (13 fixed stations and ambulances) in Cabo Frio, Rio de Janeiro. I elaborated technical proposals for radio systems called PAGING, for the MILLICOM (Swedish-American) / Mauro Villar Furtado Group, for the cities of Curitiba, S o Paulo, S o Jose dos Campos, Campinas, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte and Brasilia, in reply to the public bid for the exploration of this service, by the Ministry of Infrastruture/Dentel at the time. The proposal that was chosen was S o Jos dos Campos, SP; I taught one-week courses and gave training in Spanish, on communication protocols, on hardware and software telecommunications equipment, on implementation and management of communications networks of 390 airlines, members of the Sociedade Internacional de Telecomunica es Aeron uticas (SITA), for all Latin America during 1 year, in groups of 50 people; I received training in the SITA - France, in Paris and Nice, on mobile communications protocols; I participated as a lecturer at the seminar Management Total Quality for managers, in Montevideo, Uruguay; I managed the technical projects and implementation of the following systems of signal retransmission for VHF broadcasting: - Retransmission of the TV channels of the Brasilsat satellite in the city of Araputanga-MT (British Petroleum); - Retransmission of the Manchete TV network signal from Sumar , RJ, to the cities of Maromba and Maring in Visconde de Mau , Rio de Janeiro, through 2 links in UHF and VHF . I elaborated and managed the budgets, the technical projects , the implementation and maintenance of the communications system of the mine of Caba al (British Petroleum) with 12 telephone channels from the city of Mirassol D'Oeste, MT, for telephony, data and telex communication; implementation and maintenance of the SSB radio systems of all the operations of BP mineral research; I took part in the implementation of the network of the digital computer VAX and of the telecommunications and electronics laboratories of BP Mining; I took part in the comparative studies of economic engineering at Embratel, for the implementation of networks of terrestrial communications (physical and by air), via satellites, and of special services in telephone exchanges; I took part in courses at Embratel and at Promon Engineering, on satellite communications , in the Airspace Technical Centre (S o Jos dos Campos) on Engineering of Noise Control , at Telerj on optic fiber transmissions , and at the ABC-Xtal, I had experience in quality control of optic fibers; Personal Data : Telecommunications Engineer and Electronic Engineer - CREA n 85.103.631-8 RJ ; MSc Telecommunications Thesis: Noise Control - IFI CTA S.Jos Campos SP; Languages : English, Spanish, Portuguese, ( can read French); Brazilian / 46 years old / divorced / 1 son Personal References : 1. Dr. ELIEZER BATISTA TEL: ( 55 21 ) 2220-9124 / 2220-1523 FIRJAN PS: I am a professional sportsman, with expertise in human relationships, senior in martial arts. Furthermore, I participate in the social project Raff Giglio, developed in Vidigal (RJ), and oriented to adolescents of 12 to 17 years old. The project is aimed at discovering new talents that may represent Brazil in further Olympic Games, through their good performance in the 2007 Pan American Games, in boxing.

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