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University of Technology in Wroclaw

As architecture student I need to deal with a lot of challenges  throught the duration of studing. Besides that I participate in drawing, sculpture, painting classes. Those courses are interesting and creative, they give an opportunity for developing sensibility, satisfaction and they teach you to have a lot of distance, patience and lowliness. 


Oct 2016Pres

Genral Assistant

Loch Long Hotel (Arrochar)

I've statred as a member of dining room team, after a while I also worked as a receptionist and bartender. I have also experience in doing housekeeping here. 

Aug 2016Sep 2016

Department of price controls


I deal with updating prices and I control them. Also I deal with decorating the store and reconstructions.

Apr 2016Pres

Member of student organisation

Board of European Students of Technology

In BEST I am mostly working in PR and HR. The reason why I’ve chosen those fields is that I really enjoy working with people, I have necessary skills and previous experience. We prepare and coordinate different internal and external projects together, from local to European level.

Aug 2015Feb 2016


Friends Hostel&Apartments

As a receptionist I was the first person that client saw walking into the hostel. I represented it. Besides whole hostel I also had to control 12 apartaments located in different parts of Wroclaw. I had to manage bookings, check-in guests, take care about finances, invoice, do a lot of office tasks and do the laundry and ironing during night shifts.

Apr 2015Aug 2015



Frankie’s was my first long-term gastronomy work place. Here I’ve learned how to work in a group under pressure and being assertive. I had to be really flexible, fast and precise. 

Jun 2013Apr 2015


New Horizons Cinema

I worked as a volunteer in cinema almost 2 years. I took a part in many different cultural events, met a lot of wonderful people and had my first opportunity to work in international environment. I worked as cinema staff for three times during international film festivals like New Horizons Film Festival or American Film Festival.